Help me quit my job.

So I can work for *you* instead.

When it comes time to pay the bill, no amount of good will is gonna cut it. That’s why I need you. And by that I mean, I need your money.  Ultimately, I would love to live off of you, so that I may infect the internet with more words of wombat-wisdom. Here’s the rub. I enjoy creating content for you to consume. But creating content for you to consume costs me money. I’d love to continue paying for your entertainment, but I’d love it more if you helped me out. I shall now list Wombat Trap related expenses to justify sending me your hard earned digital money.

  • Artwork isn’t free. I pay lots of money to decorate my work so you can have something (not wordy) to look at.
  • Domains aren’t free. I shell out one dollar a month to keep the “” name.
  • Games aren’t (usually) free. I don’t beg for keys and I support developers. Unfortunately, that comes with daily toll.
  • Game development isn’t free. I am working on side projects, and one or more of them are games. Assets are not cheap.
  • Mountain Dew isn’t free. I operate on about six hours of sleep (per day), to maintain productivity. Caffeine helps.
  • Rent isn’t free. For every dollar you don’t give me, that’s another six minutes or so that I must spend behind a counter.
  • Webhosting isn’t free. It can cost upwards to fifty dollars to host a website each month.

Are you convinced yet? Send money now!