Hey kids, I’m a wombat!

More specifically, I’m DatWombat, “Dat” as in, dat ass! No, I’m not a furry! I’m a bonafide wombat with a persona, a person-suit! Based in the United States of America, I reside in the west coast — the best coast! Before any east coasters get their panties in a twist, it’s not my fault you were born in the least coast! A lot of folk think I come from down under, but (thankfully) I don’t — I hear Aussie laws aren’t too keen on pornography. You see, I fled to the States using my fat ass (dat ass) as a floatation device so I could be here today and help your pee-pee go wee-wee! But hey, enough about me. . .

Actually, let’s talk about me some more!

I work almost every day, so I don’t enjoy a whole lot of free-time. And by “work”, I mean maintaining the Wombat Trap and creating content for my readers. As much as I hate to say, sometimes I need a break. I enjoy creating artwork and playing games. I don’t always write about lewd games — I deeply enjoy creative writing, and I spend a lot of time worldbuilding for the games and books I hope to share in the distant future.

Believe it or not, I don’t fap-fap twenty-four seven!

You got questions, I got answers!

  • Ask a Wombat! 078

    Haise asks . . .

    when you’ll do the action taimanin mod creation tutorial because im trying to figure out why my mod is invisible ingame

    DatWombat writes. . .

    Hi Haise!

    To my knowledge, the tutorial I have written is mostly done. I got pretty caught up with “real life” the past few months though, so all of my modding/gaming has been on the back burner — sorry!

    Currently, I’m wrapping up an article about a game. Once I finish that article, the next one on my mind is a tutorial for modding Unity games (including Action Taimanin!)

  • Ask a Wombat! 077

    Bemused asks about Fi da Booty Samurai. . .

    Sadly, I have been avoiding steam forums, after having been banned there once. (I was later unbanned and even got congratulations from steam moderators for some of the posts which I had been banned for… but I am not eager to repeat the experience. (And there are too many personalities involved for me to know how to make sense of such issues.))

    But I have reviewed your instructions, and I can confirm that when I select Save from the File dropdown of the resource.assets window of uabae, I have never been prompted for a file location. So I have never seen anything which corresponds to this image: https://wombattrap.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/explorer_GEnuswIAPAC.jpg Possibly this would have been a consequence of myself not having done the work you have done in modding the game?

    Meanwhile, the game has advanced to version 0.86. I have not yet attempted to install your mod against that version. (I am tempted to try updating uabea to be robust against version changes of this sort.

    DatWombat writes. . .

    Steam support has always given me trouble. In fact, one of my primary motivations for making this website has always been to dodge Steam guidelines; in addition to strict word counts, I am heavily censored.

    Did you hit “Save” or. . . “Save As”? In the sixth release of UABEA, clicking “Save” will directly overwrite your files. In previous releases of UABEA, “Save” will prompt a “Save As” window as you have shown.

    Your game should already be modded!

    Which makes me realize. . . my tutorial is intended illustrated for the fourth release for UABEA. Fuck, I apologize for any inconvenience I’ve caused on my end, I didn’t even realize the ways that drop-down menu differs by releases.

    Thanks for contacting on the matter, I may not have realized that “oopsie”.

    Unfortunately, the most up-to-date version of Fi da Booty Samurai is not compatible with Fi da Puti Samurai Version 0.86. Last time I tried to use an outdated version of Fi da Booty Samurai my game was fucked.

    Today, I’m planning on building an updated patch for Fi da Puti Samurai.

    Though I do recommend users to update the game as updates are published, if you want to wait until I publish patches I would recommend disabling automatic updates. When a new Fi da Booty Samurai is available, it’s time to update Fi da Puti Samurai!

It’s a trap!

Sometimes people consider me a “she”, and I appreciate it, but I’m not a lady and I don’t consider myself to be one either — I wish! I’m not exactly proud of my package but you know. . . it’s what I got. I wouldn’t go so far to call myself transgender, but I would use the word “effeminate”. I’ve always considered myself a man, but there’s a reason why I don’t correct people when people refer to me as a “she”. . . I kind of like it. Alas, I’ve been cursed with this here fire hose!

But it does feel good when I touch it. . .

A-a-nd what better transition for me to talk about the Wombat Trap! I’m sure at least one of you have asked where the Wombat Trap got its name from. Unfortunately, the reasons aren’t very entertaining (and no, it’s not because of the way I dress!) I did name the ‘Trap after me, ‘cus you know, I’m a wombat. Whenever I need to name something, I tend to gravitate to alliteration and rhymes. If you say “Wombat Trap” slowly, you may notice the similarities the last two syllables share, and the sorta-kinda-rhyme “bat” and “trap” create. Also, I thought that the “Wombat Trap” sounded like a name for a bar or nightclub, and I had hoped to create a community with my content.

Also, I kind of really really like traps.