Hey kids, I’m a wombat!

More specifically, I’m DatWombat, “Dat” as in, dat ass! No, I’m not a furry! I’m a bonafide wombat with a persona, a person-suit! Based in the United States of America, I reside in the west coast — the best coast! Before any east coasters get their panties in a twist, it’s not my fault you were born in the least coast! A lot of folk think I come from down under, but (thankfully) I don’t — I hear Aussie laws aren’t too keen on pornography. You see, I fled to the States using my fat ass (dat ass) as a floatation device so I could be here today and help your pee-pee go wee-wee! But hey, enough about me. . .

Actually, let’s talk about me some more!

I work almost every day, so I don’t enjoy a whole lot of free-time. And by “work”, I mean maintaining the Wombat Trap and creating content for my readers. As much as I hate to say, sometimes I need a break. I enjoy creating artwork and playing games. I don’t always write about lewd games — I deeply enjoy creative writing, and I spend a lot of time worldbuilding for the games and books I hope to share in the distant future.

Believe it or not, I don’t fap-fap twenty-four seven!

You got questions, I got answers!

  • Ask a Wombat! 071

    Jizzinator asks. . .

    Have you ever considered making your own game?, if so, would you be looking to hire someone to help you ?, also do you plan to always review games, I would be very interested in joining you if possible, I love writing about adult games.

    DatWombat writes. . .

    I have considered making my own game! I work on one off and on, but progress is gruelingly slow; I’m trying to design a sort of horror-themed point-and-click with lots of tentacles. Tentacles are crazy hot!

    I do always plan on writing about games. Documenting games is a passion for me. I love writing, I love games, and I love tiddies– being an adult critic sort of marries my interests.

    Well, if you’re interested in eh, “joining forces” I invite you to reply via an “Ask Wombat” ticket with contact information and samples of your work.

    I uphold a high standard for quality. . . at least since 2022, hah!

  • Ask a Wombat! 070

    David Vortes asks. . .

    Do you enjoy Beliani adverts? I personally find them truely amazing!! Everytime I see one, i cannot help but feel like i have been touched by god himself.

    DatWombat says. . .

    I wasn’t sure what “Beliani adverts” were, so I looked them up. I feel like I’m missing out on something. . . are these Ads supposed to be like a new meme making rounds with the kids?

    You fucking kids and your memes.

    I see dumb ass ads on YouTube everyday, I kinda just ignore them though.

It’s a trap!

Sometimes people consider me a “she”, and I appreciate it, but I’m not a lady and I don’t consider myself to be one either — I wish! I’m not exactly proud of my package but you know. . . it’s what I got. I wouldn’t go so far to call myself transgender, but I would use the word “effeminate”. I’ve always considered myself a man, but there’s a reason why I don’t correct people when people refer to me as a “she”. . . I kind of like it. Alas, I’ve been cursed with this here fire hose!

But it does feel good when I touch it. . .

A-a-nd what better transition for me to talk about the Wombat Trap! I’m sure at least one of you have asked where the Wombat Trap got its name from. Unfortunately, the reasons aren’t very entertaining (and no, it’s not because of the way I dress!) I did name the ‘Trap after me, ‘cus you know, I’m a wombat. Whenever I need to name something, I tend to gravitate to alliteration and rhymes. If you say “Wombat Trap” slowly, you may notice the similarities the last two syllables share, and the sorta-kinda-rhyme “bat” and “trap” create. Also, I thought that the “Wombat Trap” sounded like a name for a bar or nightclub, and I had hoped to create a community with my content.

Also, I kind of really really like traps.