Top Kinetic Novels with Rape

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Nympho wife

Nympho wife has tons of wonderful artwork to see (which is unfortunately censored). I’d argue the CGs alone justify the price; if you’re looking for a pack of high-quality artwork, this is a great deal! But in terms of gameplay, there isn’t much to see. With maybe half an hour of content, I hope you’re down for a rapid fappy.

DatWombat, review for Nympho wife

Without A Voice

Without A Voice is a short and sweet (or tragic) visual novel about a princess’ encounter with a strange lady, who’s more than meets the eye.

Dungeon Cards

Dungeon Cards is a minimalistic dungeon-crawler game.

Sorbetta: Gravely in Debt

Sorbetta: Gravely in Debt is an RPG about a lady who needs to pay her debts, through bartending and necromancy.

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