Top Physics Puzzles with Rape

Table of Contents

Cute Honey

Cute Honey is a typical water physics game, but the level design is reasonably challenging and the animated, interactive sexual animations are dope. You can’t go wrong with this puzzle game!

Adorable Witch

Adorable Witch is a mediocre game with great artwork — it’s worth it for the lewds alone. However, as a fun and challenging puzzle game it fails. Fifteen minutes of gameplay is unacceptable for a two-dollar game.

DatWombat, review for Adorable Witch

Sakura Stars

Sakura Stars is a shoot-’em-up about the Sakura Stars battle against the dreadful Yokai. At-a-glance (Adult) Content?No. Censorship?Not applicable. Hours of Game-play?One hour. Modding Support?No. Patch

Space SEX

Space SEX is a lewd set of short stories with interactive sex scenes. At-a-glance (Adult) Content?(F, FxM, FxFxM) sexual content. Censorship?No. Woot! Woot! Hours of Game-play?One

NINJA GIRL (2.5/5★)

NINJA GIRL is a lewd action sidescroller about a lone Kunoichi sent to deliver GOD to prevent “great disaster”!