Ayano the Exorcist

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Ayano the Exorcist is a lewd RPG about Ayana’s quest to stop a powerful succubus, first navigating her maze of tentacle traps.


(Adult) Content?
(F, FxF) Sexual content.

Mosaic’d genitalia.

Hours of Game-play?
Four or more hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


Before starting a new game, you may choose four skills (from a selection of nine). During the prologue, you may also select a limited number of items. What you get is what you get, and there are no refills or shops. Getting to the end of the game requires a careful management of your expendable resources, along with “Poison” and “lust” (which go hand-in-hand). To relieve lust (and prevent a “game-over”, it is necessary to regularly masturbate. Blocking your way are a number of enemies, which are dispatched via standard turn-based combat.

. . . yes, this is a game you can play one-handed!


Ayana Senjuin is an exorcist, a commissioned slayer of evil. She is well known as the best of the best β€” so she is sent to investigate an immense demon-construct. Several exorcists have entered the fleshy labyrinth, but none have returned. It’s every twist and turn is laden with lustful tentacles, and potent aphrodisiacs. Beckoning Ayana is a faint distress signal, which only takes her further past the point of no return. Will Ayana succumb to the demon’s whims, or will she perform her duty as an exorcist?


The titlescreen is clean and presentable. From “Settings” you may adjust audio and gameplay preferences. To fullscreen the application, you must hit the “F4” key. A gallery can be accessed in-game via “Memories”. After beating the game, you have the option to restart with all sex-scenes unlocked. The in-game visuals are per the norm for RPGMaker. I suspect there is a number of original material, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the fleshy tiles elsewhere. In any case, the sprites are grossly overused. I would have liked to see more original, fleshy sprites to fit the wonderful artwork. By far, the spritework is a low point in Ayano the Exorcist.

Maybe tokumeihero studios should hire a sprite artist (like me cough cough.)

The Goods

Oh. My. Gosh. The artwork is absolutely incredible. I am honestly blown away by the quality of the sex-scenes. I review adult-games for a living, and it’s not often I feel, you know, hot down there. I have to commend the protagonist, Ayana β€” never-ending tentacle rape doesn’t sound like a bad way to go. The vast majority of the (thirty-six) sex-scenes depict masturbation or tentacle-rape. There are a few including female-on-female rape, but they are reserved for a single boss fight. The sex-scenes you will see are largely influenced by the Ayana’s “Lust” and “Sensitivity”. The former affects how she succumbs to sexual advances, and the latter what parts of her body are targeted.


I definitely recommend this game (provided you’re okay with censorship), but I would definitely would wait for a sale. I think the high price tag is justified, but it’s my opinion that this game could have simply been. . . more. The artwork is phenomenal, but the gameplay is lacking. Because Ayano the Exorcist is so expensive, I must compare it against similarly priced titles, such as Island Saga. Ayano the Exorcist fails as an RPG, but it’s a wonderful visual-novel-like game with RPG elements. If you pick up this game, I recommend keeping a hand between your legs β€” if that doesn’t appeal to you, this game isn’t for you.

Wombat Woe β€” Thicc Ayano
A portrait of Ayano is shown on-screen at all times. Most RPGs that I have played with a similar feature make it toggleable. Her image regularly blocked my view of the main character, leaving me to guess where I was moving. This is especially problematic for a game that’s all about timing and methodical movement.

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