Girl and Goblin

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Girl and Goblin is a lewd jigsaw puzzle about a girl and her rapey encounter with goblins.


(Adult) Content?
(FxM) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
Thirty minutes.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
Download as Steam DLC.


Rearrange tiles to assemble an image. There are fourteen puzzles to solve (although only twelve feature lewd content). You may choose between “easy” or “hard” mode. Easy puzzles typically feature fifteen to twenty-eight pieces. On the other hand, hard puzzles sport a total forty-five pieces! However, there are two “bonus” puzzles that only have six pieces (regardless of difficulty).

Please note: my “Gameplay” may include the contents of the Girl and Goblin -Free DLC, but uninstalling this DLC had no impact on my game. Either something is wrong with my installation, or the DLC is completely useless.


The unlockable CGs seem to tell a vague story. A heroine finds herself captured by a pack of rapey goblins. She is raped and raped for hours on end. . . that is, until a black-haired friend comes to her rescue!

What a jerk — she should have left blondie be for our pleasure!


The titlescreen is boring. From the Unity preboot menu, display and resolution preferences can be adjusted. However, these can also be adjusted in-game from “System” (thereby rendering the preboot menu useless). Music and volume can also be adjusted from “System”. Unlocked CGs can be viewed from “CG”. The user-interface is completely hidden when viewing images. “Bundles” is a link to Inverse Game‘s Girl Bundle (which includes a selection of lewd games). What shameless advertising! Strangely, genitalia are censored from the level-select screen (but no where else).

The Goods

There are twelve static CGs to unlock. The artwork is very high-quality, but the differences in style are jarring. The CGs are rendered in a wide variety of aspect ratios — few of them are suited to fill a widescreen monitor. Most of the artwork showcases a blonde heroine being gangraped by goblins (hence the name of the game). There are a few scenes with BDSM. Another character is introduced in the last few CGs. She’s a bare-breasted swordswoman! Unfortunately, she doesn’t join the party. . . on the contrary, she poops all over the party by slaying the goblins!

Girl and Goblin -Free DLC [DLC]

This DLC supposedly “Add Different puzzles [sic]”. I am unsure what this DLC does, if anything. Installing/uninstalling this add-on appeared to have no effect on my game installation.


Sure, I recommend this game. . . but wait for a good sale. Whether you’re you’re in need of not-too-hard puzzles (or help-you-get-hard porn!), Girl and Goblin is not a bad deal. However, it’s a big shame this game doesn’t offer animations or interactive content. The CGs are high-quality, but they are also inconsistently rendered. There are simply better games for the same price point. If you’re interested in this game, I recommend picking it up as part of Inverse Game‘s Girl Bundle.

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