How To Punish A Witch (3/5★)

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How To Punish A Witch is a lewd dart game about raping bullies (for revenge!)


(Adult) Content?
(FxM) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
Thirty minutes.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.

Gameplay (2/5★)

Throw darts unto a spinning wheel (and take care not to overlap any projectiles!) If you botch a throw, you have to redo the level. Most of the time, if you mash “Enter” fast enough you’ll win with minimal effort. Every few levels, you’ll unlock the next part of the story (which is told visual-novel-style).

Story (3/5★)

Having sold his soul to the devil, Alderman seeks to extract revenge on his old bullies, Krystianna and Alicia. They are practically tortured Alderman when they were kids — and he wants to return the favor. He restrains and enslaves them, playing into their greatest fears as he humiliates them. The “story” is actually pretty dark.

Kids, be careful who you bully — lest ye be tentacle-raped and impregnated by the devil himself!

Visuals (2/5★)

The titlescreen looks attractive, but it doesn’t exactly say “adult game”. Audio can be muted from the level select screen, but there does not appear to be any other adjustable settings. The level-select screen doubles as a gallery. Unfortunately, the user-interface cannot be hidden, and CGs cannot be fullscreened. Strangely (and most unfortunately), CGs are cropped by a portion of the interface that is used for gameplay. When viewing “memories”, there is no way to exit or skip text — you’re better off resetting the game (should you change your mind).

You’d think Peach Beach would have improved the gallery since my first review (ten months ago!)

The Goods (4/5★)

There are ten sex-scenes, each comprised of dialogue and one base CG (with plenty of variations for progression and climax). The artwork is very high-quality, but it doesn’t always match with the text (especially facial expressions). You’d think a “metal-like dick” being inserted into an unlubricated ass would evoke a stronger face than mild discomfort. If the thought of a woman being painfully raped isn’t your idea of a good night, this game is not for you! The whole premise of How To Punish A Witch is raping women (to uh, teach ’em a lesson about bullying!)

Verdict (3/5★)

Consider waiting for a sale. How To Punish A Witch doesn’t offer worthwhile gameplay, and the gallery is lacking in functionality. The artwork is dope, and if you’ve a rape fetish you’ll love the “story” — but the English isn’t great, and that might be a turn-off. The entire game is about pain, humiliation and rape. While I’m no stranger to these subjects in pornographic games, I’m kind of shocked Steam is okay with this game. It’s pretty violent, and there is little separating sex-scenes (such as completing quests or fighting baddies). How To Punish A Witch isn’t a great game, but it’s a solid fap-fap!

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