Summer Job

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Summer Job is a lewd dating simulator about Leon and his womanly exploits at his job at a summer resort.


(Adult) Content?
(FxM) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
Six or more hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


Drunk Robot studio sent me a free copy of this game, along with a copy of Dominate them all. After playing through the latter, I was very leery to play Summer Job. Though there are a few things I’d change, I was pleasantly surprised by this game. I apologize for my tardiness in writing and publishing this article. I actually sat on this article for a long time, weeks perhaps, failing to illustrate and proof-read it prior to release. Unfortunately, the writing of this review coincided with poorer-than-usual health, which diminished my motivation to write.


Collect money, complete quests and get in everybody’s pants! As a repair man at a summer resort, you must insure that Leon stays on top of his job, or face summary dismissal from his boss. There are a variety of characters to pursue, including each of the attendees and staff. Each character’s relationship with Leon is measured, and depending on their sentiments they will divulge personal information (or in some cases, useful items or sex-scenes!) Relationships are advanced via a pair of minigames, both based on guessing colors or high/low numbers from a hand of face-down cards. Leon earns money by repairing lights and sinks, and using his hard-earned money he can purchase gifts to further his agenda (which is literally fuck every girl that moves.)

Though Summer Job is a competent point-‘n-clicker, it’s rather monotonous.

For starters, fixing lights and sinks gets old. . . fast. It seems like every room has the same problems, and every room looks the same. You’d think something else might break, like a lamp or a table leg. I don’t see why things wouldn’t break outside of guest rooms, such as the main lobby or the pool. Repair jobs could include a minigame, perhaps influencing the quality and pay-out of the protagonist’s work. It would interesting to see the resort’s cast respond to his work, perhaps remarking on the state of their resort. A busted pipe and a sopping wet resort-goer could be a recipe for lewdness and wet t-shirts, that’s for sure.

Or hey, how about more voyeurism? Hidden cameras, anyone?


In a nutshell. . .

It’s summer break, and Leon wants to earn money to go on vacation. He spots a TV Ad for a job at a summer resort β€” eager to kill two birds with one stone, he calls the number on-screen straight away. Leon and a woman named Nadine are shown around by Pablo, their trainer. After he takes them to their rooms, what shenanigans Leon gets himself into enter your hands. He’s on a mission to bang all the ladies, and your job is make his dream a reality (without getting him fired!)

. . . out of the shell

Leon is the newest staff member of a summer resort, a feckless college student with a humble dream; he wants to bang bang every lady at the resort, including the very guests he was hired to serve. The first woman he meets is Nadine, another new hire that has been employed as a maid (complete with the whole clichΓ© maid get-up.) Once he was situated into his room (or more accurately, a leaky basement), the game entered my reigns.

The first thing I decided to do was fix a sink, and then visit Nadine.

Nadine is kind of hot, so I wanted to advance Leon’s relationship with her. Nadine is struggling with her uniform β€” she is forced to wear a stereotypical maid costume at all times, which include a pair of very painful high heels. They wreak havoc on her legs, and though Leon offers to rub her feet every night she declines. He instead offers to talk to her boss Saul about switching out her footwear. Next stop, Saul’s Office!

Leon walks in on Saul wankin’ in his office in full view β€” really Saul?

After giving Saul a few minutes to finish “fixing his pants”, he brings up Nadine’s uniform. Saul immediately dismisses him. I decided to approach Nadine at the pool. She expresses to Leon how much she enjoys her off time, and he laments that he doesn’t have sunscreen to rub on her back. I decided to pursue her once again when she returned to her cleaning duties. Leon says that he wants to spank her, and she obliges.

After turning her ass cheek cherry red, Leon retreats to his room.

I decided to look for some sunscreen in the nearby village. I found some at the Grocery Store, for the low-low price of thirty-five dollars. Instead of putting said sunscreen to work, I ended up reaming Nadine’s ass a few more times (to no benefit regarding her relationship to Leon.) During the night, I barged in on Nadine while she was using the bathroom (knowing full well she was inside.) She got super pissed off at Leon, but I got to see her tits β€” worth it. I decided to pay her visit once she went to bed.

Leon gropes her while she sleeps, running away just before she wakes.

The next day, Saul introduces Leon to Gregory. Gregory has just been employed as the resort’s fitness instructor and masseuse. I approached Nadine at the pool once again, hoping to put my sunscreen to work. She declines Leon’s offer, but he devises a scheme β€” by slipping sleeping pills into her drink, he hopes that she’ll pass out under the sun and have her skin burned. When she wakes, he will come to the rescue with a convenient tube of sun screen.

Damn. . . Leon needs to get locked up before he hurts somebody!

So I purchased some sleeping pills and slipped them in her drink the following day. Leon lets her “cook” by the pool, leaving her with a nasty tan. Later that day, Leon escorts the resort’s newest guests, Alison and Sasha, to their respective rooms. He determines that they are lovers as he tunes into their conversations just outside their room. I put Leon to bed, ready to get his hands all over Nadine’s skin.

Except I got Leon fired.

Instead of actually doing his job, having Leon frolic with Nadine every day resulted in a very pissed-off Saul. I rebooted from the game from my last auto save, and disabled the “Game Over” functionality β€” thank you Drunk Robot studio! Instead of getting fired, Leon walks in on Saul scolding Nadine for sleeping on the job. He threatens to fire her ass, but keeps her around (hoping to exploit her for sexual services down the road.) Nadine confides to Leon, and upon discovering her need for money he too hopes to somehow exploit her.

You know, maybe I should have let Leon get fired. . .

After having another word with Saul, he allows Leon to purchase Nadine a new uniform. I purchased a pair of clogs from the village, and spent the rest of the day repairing lights and sinks. The next day, Mister and Missus Wood arrive at the resort. Leon is instructed to guide them to their room. The next day I purchased a bikini from the clothing store, hoping I could turn it into Nadine’s new uniform. It was a mission success, allowing me to enjoy her nips through her opalescent bikini.

Now that’s what I call a woot!

Later that day Nadine allows Leon to sit with her at the bar. I managed to guess her age and birthday, and they enjoy an otherwise pleasant evening. I bided my time repairing more lights and sinks until Leon was instructed to take two new guests to their rooms, Jenny and her boyfriend Kevin. As I tried to get Nadine to open up some more, I found out that she considers her “favorite color” to be too personal to answer. . . really? I liquored her up at the bar, and snatched a long kiss from her before returning to the resort.

Honestly, at this point I just wanted to see Leon get some head.

I continued to hound Nadine for her favorite color, all the while working Leon’s tail off to buy her candies. At some point Leon is requested to escort yet another guest to her room, a very bitchy Stella. While sharing a moment on the elevator, Leon decides that he can’t possibly resist her tits so he grabs her from behind. Though she is sexually receptive to Leon’s approach, she ultimately berates him for not carrying his bags upon reaching her floor. While listening from outside her door, Leon learns that she has other reasons for her stay, not related to vacation.

Of course, Leon hopes to use this information to his advantage.

I continued to fix stuff out and about, and after bribing Nadine with a rose she finally confides her favorite color to Leon. I started investing into tons and tons of candy, stuffing Nadine’s tummy every chance I get. She eventually divulged her phone number, height, and weight. As I advanced her relationship with frequent trips to the bar, at some point I discovered the brothel. Hector, the head honcho explains the rules of his establishment, and has his Esmeralda show Leon around. I wasn’t interested in Hector’s overpriced lap dances, so I returned Leon to his home.

After purchasing more sunscreen, I decided to drug Nadine again.

Once she retired to her bed (with another nasty sunburn), Leon offers to apply his special after-sun lotion to help her heal. I got a little cocky and decided to have Leon inch his grubby fingers further and further up her ass crack, even so much as reaching insertion. Unfortunately, there were no scenes available to show what that looks like, so it’s back to drawing board (to get Nadine to cough up some head.) The next morning, Saul reams her once again for sleeping on the job. When she begs him not to let her go, he asks her to bend over on his desk.

Leon watches from afar as Saul gives Nadine’s ass a right-smackin’!

Afterwards, I had Leon apply more sunscreen to Nadine and slip his hands down to her booty. This time, she lets him, and divulges her breast size β€” finally! The next day she allows Leon to enter the bathroom (whiles she’s inside) under the pretense that he just needs a towel. I decided, what better towel to take than hers? Well, she kind of didn’t like it, and I had to give her a rose to recover her lost relationship with Leon. Days passed by, and it seemed like no matter how many candies and roses I gave Nadine, Leon wasn’t going to get any head from her. So I consulted Gregory on advice on giving massages (in hopes they’d lead to something more.)

Well Gregory acted like a total dick about it, so I abandoned the idea. . . for now.

Eventually, Nadine walks in on Leon as he showers. Instead of telling him off, she allows him to approach her. Floored by Leon’s giant wiener, she rubs him to an fat, juicy, money shot, all over her face β€” mmph! After spending a few weeks feeding Nadine more candies, I maxed out her relationship with Leon (and still no head.) I decided to have Leon suck up to Gregory until he teaches him how to massage Nadine without pissing her off. After a week of training, I decided to massage her tits while she groomed herself in the bathroom.

I had Leon to slide his dick between her thighs, even after she told him “no”.

As Leon firmly held her shoulders, he rubbed one out between her thighs until splooging onto the bathroom sink. I guess when she said “no” she really meant it, because the event annihilated her relationship with Leon. . . but wasn’t nothing a few more roses couldn’t take care of! I did it again a few more times, earning her forgiveness with cheap roses every time. This is about when I concluding my playthrough of Summer Job. Leon has his very own sex doll, Nadine, with whom he can touch and grope each day and night with zero consequence.

Now if you ask me, I think that’s as close to getting the girl Leon’s going to get. What a winner!


The titlescreen is decently arranged, but the two models are poorly posed. Their hands hover over their bodies, a possible side-effect of using preset poses in Daz Studio without making adjustments. Additionally, their hair does not appear to be blowing in the same direction. From “Options”, you may adjust audio and gameplay preferences. Summer Job has one of the most bizarre audio-dials I have ever used. You’re ‘sposed to use the “arrow” keys (on the keyboard), as opposed to using a drag-n’-drop slider or clicking on-screen arrows. I haven’t a clue how to actually adjust the “sounds effect” setting. . . so I just used Windows Audio Levels.

Talk about a design fail!

Summer Job is illustrated using 3D models, much like those from Daz Studio. Generally speaking, the artwork is well composed, though the 3D renders are sometimes grainy. I didn’t find most of the characters to be very attractive, but the models are good. Many games that employ 3D models feature abhorrent characters, and Summer Job isn’t one of them. I practically enjoyed the first lady that is encountered, Nadine. She’s actually pretty hot, and she ended being my main focus in the game. Sometimes, you can spot janky renders or special effects, but they are few and far between.

Summer Job gets a thumbs up from me, but I’m not impressed.

The Goods

There is no gallery to review CGs from (which is a shame), so I haven’t a clue how much sexual content is available. However, it’s safe to say each female character has one or more sex-scenes to see. However, not all sex-scenes have been implemented yet, leaving some “story” unavailable. The sex-scenes typically consist of static CGs with dialogue. There are a few animations to see, shot at several angles (leaving nothing to question!) Sex-scenes are somewhat difficult to find, as they require you to maintain very high relationships with the female cast (which entails a great deal of grinding.) The scenes entail a combination of consensual, non-consensual, and voyeuristic content.


I do recommend this game, though it’s pretty rough around the edges. The lewd content takes hours to find, and the lack of gallery is unfortunate. The gameplay is repetitive, but there are a lot of characters and interactions to keep things interesting. Thankfully, there isn’t much to break the flow of gameplay (such as unskippable cutscenes). If you’re not interested in grinding your way to victory, there are a number of cheats at your disposal to make the game fly faster.

Wombat Woe β€” Cockblock
When you hit the “Esc” button, the application instantly closes. This functionality is not toggleable, and most games use the same key as a “menu” button.

Wombat Woe β€” What is Skill
During the interview, you are given the option to start the game with your choice of stat boost. However, it’s unclear what any of the stats do.

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