[Review] Prison Princess & Strip Card Duel

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Prison Princess

I was profoundly disappointing when I learned that this title had no adult content (beyond basic fan service). The artwork and animated CGs are begging for naughty-naughty situations. Without lewd content, this game is a decent point-‘n-click adventure with gobs o’ panty shots. I didn’t strike me as a particualrly replayable game, but if an adult-patch is introduced in the future, I’d definately take another look at it. For the current asking price (of twenty USD), I would keep this title on your “wishlist”.

Strip Card Duel

When I saw this game, I was a bit excited. Though the art left something to be desired, I’m a fan of trading card games. And boobies. You but ’em together, and you got something that tingles my senses. While I did find the game to be fun, there was no saucy stuff. That was a big let down. The artwork was very poor all-over, and I imagine would off-put a lot of potential players. There may be an adult patch floating around, but I need to look deeper. Google wasn’t particularly helpful.

Dark Light

Dark Light is a cryptic stealth and secret-laden game made with RPG-Maker.

Brittany Home Alone

Brittany Home Alone is a set of interactive sexual scenes centered on a futa-girl.

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