[Review] SexyHub ❤️

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SexyHub ❤️

An awful game. I think this title is based on an Atari “classic”, a pornographic game where you collect falling sea-men from a man’s fire hose who stands on top of a building. With the help of modern technology, there are countless ways the original game could have been improved upon. . . and SexHub utterly fails.

Sensual Adventures – The Game (3/5★)

Sensual Adventures – The Game is a lewd interactive kinetic novel about the “sensual adventures” two futas have before boarding a plane.

Midnight Ride

Midnight Ride is a lewd visual novel about Serena’s hitchhikin’ plights.

Succubus Domination

Succubus Domination is a lewd shoot ’em up (or strip ’em up) minus the shooting.

Cute Honey

Cute Honey is a lewd puzzle game where you guide water into a glass. . . and then watch some hentai.

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