Don’t feed the trolls.

Ah crap, I fed ’em again.

Trolls are wonderful creatures, and as we all know it’s unwise to feed the trolls. I usually ignore them, though sometimes I entertain them with nonsensical rants brimming with cockiness and dillusion. Here I’ve written a collection of quotes, and my thoughts on them. I do not endorse “witch hunts”, so don’t hunt these friendly trolls down and attack them. They’re but pups, leeching from the teats of others with greater success.

When someone considers my work morally reprehensible, I feel a strong desire to make more content they abhor. What this means for members of the Wombat Trap is more artwork and reviews!

  • “You must be fun at parties.” Whoever says this isn’t fun at parties. 
  • “this guy has a glock in his backpack i swear.” Who told you!?
  • “im sorry, but what fans? Who?” This comment becomes stupider every day.