You know what would make this game better. . . ?

Boobs. . . (and wieners!) And outfits that show boobs and wieners.

A-a-and that’s about what kicked off my career as a modder. The day I learned about PC gaming, my eyes were shattered open by the wonders called “mods”. Suddenly, all of my favorite games were subjected to the erotic whims of my teenage mind. One of my primary motivations for purchasing games was could this game be modded? For games without “adult” mods, I would try to create the first ones (which. . . usually didn’t work out). As my knowledge of software matured, soon I learned how to create my own mods, and I made a few contributions to the modding community.

The first game I modded was The Elderscrolls: Skyrim. I poked around with Creation Kit and xEdit, seeing what did what and trying not to break my game. The first mod I publicly released was for an obscure game I purchased on Steam called Evil Maze. Evil Maze was built using RPGMaker, and I was able to easily modify the sprites. The next mod I took to (and publicly released) was one that I’d never finish (to date) called Pornolands. It was the first adult mod created for Borderlands: The Pre Sequel. As my knowledge of Skyrim modding tools strengthened, I pursued a series of mods that I would eventually release on Lovers Lab, collectively called the “Circulated in Skyrim” mods.

Mods for Borderlands: The Pre Sequel

Mods for Evil Maze

Mods for Skyrim (Legacy Edition)