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Let me guess. You have a wombat problem, and you need some wombat traps — and now you’re trapped in the Wombat Trap? Hah! Looks like you activated my trap card! Well, uh, no, you can’t hit the “back” button. . . pls?

What is the Wombat Trap?

Founded in early 2020 by yours truly, DatWombat, the Wombat Trap represents a community of adult-gamers and a repository of adult-content. At the Wombat Trap I discuss lewd-games and and rear my creative, autistic artistic side.

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You got questions (and I may or may not have answers!)

  • Ask a Wombat! 011

    Leon asks. . .

    I heard you were working on moving your stuff from Patreon to this website. Are you still working on that or did you finish that?

    DatWombat says. . .

    Uhh. . . I am. . . I was. I haven’t finished moving my content from Patreon to this website. I don’t have a good reason, I’m just a burnt-out wombat. It’s definitely something on my mind though!

  • Ask a Wombat! 010

    Tim asks. . .

    What game is the header image on your home page from? I hope it’s not just art. Looks hot!

    DatWombat says. . .

    My header image? I wish it came from a game! Actually, that image features 3D models that I plan on using in a game. The character you are referring is “Hannah”, and she’s a character from my “Lucid Dreams” universe. Actually, you can read more about her from my “Wiki” (here’s a link!) It sucks that she and her friends aren’t a game (yet), but what’s awesome is that I have the skill and hardware to continue making images like my header!