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Let me guess. You have a wombat problem, needed some wombat traps, and now you’re stuck in the Wombat. . . Trap. No, you can’t escape. No, you can’t hit that “back” button. Why? Because I’m asking nicely? Because I’ll bite you in half if you do? Because. . . I’m lonely and want your affection? If you call me a tsundere I will actually break you in half!

What is the Wombat Trap?

Founded in early 2020 by yours truly, DatWombat, the Wombat Trap represents a community of adult-gamers and a repository of adult-content. At the Wombat Trap I discuss lewd-games and and rear my creative, autistic artistic side. Boobies, booties or bust(s)!

Are you a developer?

Would you like to see your game(s) here? By all means, reach out to me! If you’re a developer on Steam, you can send me games via “Curator Connect” — just send ’em to the Wombat Trap Curator! If your game isn’t available on Steam, I encourage you to reach out via this handy Google Form I made! I try to get to every game that is sent to me, provided it has some form of adult content. I’m not picky — the more depraved your game is, the more I want to write about it!

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[Stay tuned kids!]

Update this pl0x!

Man, I just dated myself so hard didn’t I? If I’ve written a review that’s grossly out of date, do reach out via my Review This! Google Form. That includes developers too!

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I don’ need no heat on my wombat ass.

This is an adult website, intended for an adult audience. If you continue your delve into the Wombat Trap, you will see inappropriate and morally questionable content. I am legally obligated to tell you that all subjects shown and described by the Wombat Trap are of eighteen years (of age) or older. We (and by “we” I mean “me”) do not endorse illegal content, only legal. Just like you, because you’re legal too (otherwise you wouldn’t be here, now would you?) I know that if you aren’t legal, you wouldn’t break the law falsifying your age and knowingly viewing adult content. As a upstanding, law-abiding citizen, I know I can count on you to report nefarious (not-legal) activity to the nearest Wombat Trap administrator.

Which is me. Hi! I’m DatWombat! And I’m a wombat.

We wombats are mighty creatures, ‘dozers of the Earth-realm. You might be wondering what you’ve wandered into. If you are, you must be really lost. How the devil did you find the ‘bat Trap? I’m an artist, handy with swords and words. No no, not those swords, the sort that increase your one-handed skill. I review video games, mostly of the adult variety. I also create mods (or “modifications”) of video games, (also) of the adult variety.  You’ll also find me working on a great many unfinished projects, because DatWombat has more projects than claws.

Okay, that’s enough about me. Go. . . click on stuff. I didn’t write this site for you not to check it out. Git!

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