Ask a Wombat! 076

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FOCUSEADP asks about Idol Showdown. . .

hey wombat how are you, I was wondering if you could create all the skins without clothes, completely naked

DatWombat writes. . .

Hi FOCUSEADP, thanks for asking. I’m exhausted, but I’m comfy cozy at home with porn at my paws! I would love to create a nude mod for Idol Showdown on Steam, but I’m uncertain about full nudity. I’m only planning on partial nudity at the moment, but I may try my hand at a total clothing teardown.

The issue I have with the modding this particular game are the sprite sheets. A typical sprite sheet looks like film roll, where each “frame” is side by side in the order they are played. The sprite sheets in this game are a disaster — each “frame” is not only out of order, they are flipped and rotated.

They aren’t intended to be read by humans.

Swapping some colors to add bare tits is pretty easy, but drawing a completely custom nude body would require I compile the sprites in this game and build a human readable sprite sheet to insure smooth animations. When I finish, I’d have to export my work by hand.

Not impossible by any means, but very time consuming.

Once I wrap up my outstanding business modding Action Taimanin, I think Idol Showdown will be next!

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