Cirnos Perfect Summer

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Cirnos Perfect Summer is a visual novel about Moka Latte’s misadventure while searching for a job.


(Adult) Content?

Not applicable.

Hours of Game-play?

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


The only button you need to know is “enter”, because Cirnos Perfect Summer is a completely linear visual novel without player agency. Just read until you reach the ending. While there is a save/load function, the story is so, so short I doubt you’ll be needing it.


Moka Latte is a maid lost in New York, and she needs a job. Responding a flyer (titled “Maid Wanted”), she heads to a job interview. Meanwhile, a little-lady named Cirno wanders the Youkai Mountain “looking to have some fun”.

Because “having fun” and mountains go hand in hand!

Cirno finds a cave, and inside that cave is a shiny glowing gemstone shaped like a bird. She snatches the shiny gemstone and the story cuts-back to Moka. She meets Sakuya, who gives Moka the ol’ up-down. Moka is hired on the spot. After a brief introduction, mistress Remilia Scarlet shows-up. Moka swoons for her new mistress, and the story moves outside. The sky tears-open, revealing a monster-like fairy. She’s plans on conquering New York (for I don’t know, reasons?)

Will Moka and her new friends save New York city?


The titlescreen is a mess of discordant artwork. The numerous fonts and portraits surmount as a great eyesore. From “Preferences”, you can adjust audio, display and gameplay preferences. Overall, I was not impressed by the visuals. The backgrounds appear to be photographs with filters applied over them. The character portraits look serviceable, but they are drawn in many different styles. They look like bad OCs from Deviant Art. I have a feeling that without playing the developers’ other works, these characters will make little to no sense to you.


I don’t recommend this game. I wouldn’t pay more than nothing for this title. But guess what, it’s free! If you are already familiar with the characters in this story, maybe it’s worth a read. If not, this novel will not make you want to learn more about them. I think that is a failed opportunity, as a free game could have been a great way to lull new players into (what appears to be) an established universe, and other payed titles.

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