Love Dating (3/5★)

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Love Dating is a lewd physics-based drawing game about Kenny’s “super VIP” dates.


(Adult) Content?
(FxM) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
One or two hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
Download as DLC.

Gameplay (4/5★)

Unite balls by drawing barricades, ramps and various devices in physics-based puzzles! There’s fifty stages total, some harder than the next — difficulty is somewhat inconsistent, but a handful of stages really made me think. The goal of each level is to make a pair of balls touch (lol balls). At your disposal is a tool that can be used to draw just about anything; I drew ramps, platforms, and inexplicable contraptions designed to navigate late-game obstacles (sometimes, you have to get really creative). If you get stuck, you can get a written clue via the lightbulb icon (or you can just cheat with the “C” key — go figure).

Story (2/5★)

Kenny is an “ordinary office worker”, and he’s got “the super VIP of chat software” (which is basically an overpriced dating app). Knowing he has a “super VIP” account, Kenny’s a prime target for gold diggers (but hey, pussy’s golden too am I right?)

Visuals (3/5★)

The titlescreen is nicely arranged and animated. Provided the “Love Dating” DLC is installed, you may review unlocked CGs from the “Album”. When viewing them, the user-interface can be hidden by right-clicking. From “Options”, you may adjust audio, display and language preferences. Overall, the game looks alright — I wish there was more interesting visuals for puzzles.

The ‘Goods’ (3/5★)

The base game does not contain nudity or sexual content.

Love Dating – Patch [DLC]

This DLC adds twelve base, animated CGs with three variants for undress and climax (for a total of forty-eight images). The artwork is high-quality, but the sexual content leaves something to be desired. You’re able to toggle between full nudity, sex (with a disembodied man) and climax. The animation loops are rather short, and there’s zero interactivity.

Verdict (3/5★)

What a pleasant surprise! As long as you’re interested in the gameplay, Love Dating is worth full price. If you’re the sort to gloss over gameplay, I’d wait for a sale; the sexual content is kind of meh. I wish it was more interactive and animations more uh, “robust”. The gallery is essentially a collection of slightly-different GIFs (and the climaxes are kind of lame). The puzzles were generally pretty easy, but there were a few levels that took me a few tries. Love Dating is a little rough, but it’s a good game for lunch (a fappy lunch!) It’s not too easy, and it’s not too hard. . . but maybe it’ll get you hard!

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