Prison Princess

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Prison Princess is is a (mildly) lewd point-‘n-clicker/visual novel about savin’ two princesses from the clutches of an evil demon king.


(Adult) Content?
(F) sexual themes.

Not applicable.

Hours of Game-play?
Four or five hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No. For shame.


. . . in a nutshell

Consult my article on point-‘n-clickers.

out the shell. . .

You like readin’? ‘cus this game has lots of it. Expect to mash that “Enter” key and push through text boxes. Between visual novel segments, there are point-‘n-click sections where you must investigate your environment and collect items. As you click about points of interest, the main characters will discuss and interact with your findings.

If you get ’em to explore the right nooks ‘n crannies, you can explore their behinds.

Each environment has lots of “suspicious” areas, which can be difficult to spot. Thankfully, the protagonist the “Thief’s Sense”, a magic spell (with limited uses) that reveals all of the clickable areas. To progress the story, you will need to solve regular puzzles. Some are optional, and serve to endorse lady bits, and to advance the main protagonists’ relationship with the princesses.

Often, the puzzles can be cryptic. I suggest looking up a guide if you get stuck.


The Demon King has been released, and he’s wreaked havoc on a longstanding peace between two empires. He stole their princesses and incited conflict. The continent of Maygard has burst into war, and the hero destined to slay the King has perished. At least, so the people thought. The hero lives on, existing as a spirit.

And he plans on kickin’ demon rear.

He first meets Zena, princess of Zanji Zed. To his dismay, he’s unable to directly interact with her or her bindings. He can, however speak and utilize ghostly magic.

Problem being, his ghostly magic kind of sucks.

So Zena frees herself (using brute strength). The hero is called by Aria, the princess of Aria Zaza. With the Aria and the hero’s combined magic, she too escapes her shackles. They leave their cells (after solving a set of puzzles) and set off to escape the Demon King’s castle. It’s up to you to guide them through the dank depths and perilous puzzles.

And which (of five) ending(s) is also up to you.


I was impressed by the titlescreen. A wide variety of audio and display options can be altered from the “Config” screen. Overall, the user interface looks great. I thought the character portraits and backgrounds looked great! On the topic of characters, I’m very comfortable saying that the CGs are top notch. There many animated and static CGs sprinkled between gameplay and story portions.

I did find the talking animations to be a bit silly sometimes, I felt like they could have used more frames to make it smoother. During the animated portions, though I thought them to be well made, I feel like [i]I’ve seen better animations.[/i]

The Goods

Panty shots galore. No saucy stuff, though. What a let down.

. . . expect girly bums ‘n jiggly bits.


Wait for a strong sale. The artwork is great, and there’s plenty to do (but not twenty USD’s worth to do) This is a puzzle heavy, point-‘n-clicker with fanservice, and nothin’ lewd. This game’s for people who like easy puzzles, plenty panties, and aren’t expecting worthwhile challenge or lewds.

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