Tag: Fantasy

Ashmedai: Queen of Lust Review (2.5/5★)

Ashmedai: Queen of Lust is a lewd turn-based RPG about Ashmedai’s quest for Queendom; enlisted by the mysterious “Creator”, she must restore hedonism to Lust and keep Dispair from taking over.

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Evil Maze Review (2.5/5★)

Evil Maze is a lewd hidden object action-RPG about Alma’s ascent through a maze (an “evil maze” if you will) she finds herself inexplicably imprisoned within.

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Tit Tap Tingle Review (2/5★)

Tit Tap Tingle is a clicker game about “tapping tits” to grab the attention of women (and make them your girl friends!) By golly, if only jabbing women with sticks in real life had the same effect!

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