Are you a lewd gamer too?

Do you enjoy tiddy games? Do you fancy yourself a loser “lewd connoisseur” as well? Then you came to the right place! The Wombat Trap was founded on adult games. Since 2020, I’ve written hundreds of reviews. This page is dedicated my favorite games and publishers, but if you’d like to see a list of every review I’ve written, be sure to check out my archive. If there’s a game you’re interested in (but you need a second opinion), try typing it into my search bar!

How I rate videogames

I rate games based on audio, gameplay, story, visual, and erotic content. I don’t judge erotic content for no-adult games, but I always judge storytelling. It’s not hard to tell a story — you don’t even need to use words. I seldom account for audio when writing reviews; this is because I typically play games muted. Personally, I don’t enjoy listening to music when I play games. I’m more interested in the ambience — like chatter or bird songs. That, or a documentary.


Point-n’-clickers are like visual novels, but they have a stronger focus on gameplay. Many point-n’-clickers are blended with other genres, such as roleplaying or hidden-object games. When I review point-n’-clickers, I look for interesting gameplay or exploration — without these, a point-n’-clicker might as well be a visual novel.

Visual Novels (VNs)

Visual novels are akin to “choose your own adventure” stories — or in the case of “kinetic novels”, digitized books. As VNs are kind of like eBooks (and not so much “games”), I look for great artwork and writing. Because they are sold side-by-side with videogames, I expect higher-quality content than say, a fanfiction.

2D Action (RPGs/Sidescrollers)

Boy o’ boy, these games are a blast to play! Typically, my biggest concerns are balance and gameplay. Please note, I am not referring “shoot-’em-ups” or “strip-’em-ups” — although, 2D action games often feature gameplay not unlike a “bullet hell”, demanding cat-like reflexes from the player!

Recommended Publisher: CriticalBliss

I don’t know where to start with CriticalBliss — I only have good things to say about the games they publish. They offer a wide variety of games; these include action-RPGs; turn-based RPGs; visuals novels; and more! CriticalBliss games feature consistently amazing content. However, some of their games can push your skills to the limit; I’ve found that CriticalBliss focuses on gameplay over sexual content.

Roleplaying Games (RPGs)

I love reviewing RPGs — they are so much fun to play! I look for a mix of balanced gameplay and erotic content. My favorite RPGs are the ones that blend them together, making sexual content a form of core gameplay (rather than part of a glorified gallery). I like to give head before, while, and after I take heads!

Recommended Publisher: Kagura Games

If you’re looking for consistent, high-quality RPGs I highly recommend checking out Kagura Games. They typically publish RPGMaker titles with solid gameplay, plotlines, and lots and lots of lewd content! I’m seldom disappointed in the games they send me. However, if you’re not a fan of nonconsensual sexual content (rape), Kagura Games may not be the publisher for you. Be sure to take advantage of my “tags”!

To score once: or twice?

Originally, I planned on assigning games two scores. One would be for adult content, and the other for “core gameplay” (or everything else). Ultimately, I decided to combine the scores. A game with poor sexual content fails as an adult game — and that poor content will no doubt negatively impact the game as a whole. I’ve seen too many shit games with hentai slapped on top. Don’t get me wrong, I love hentai as much as the other guy (but let’s not forget porn is free). When I buy erotic software, I expect to be amused and aroused equally! 

Games: more than a score

A “(5/5★)” visual novel is not necessarily a better game than a “(4/5★)” RPG — they don’t belong to the same genre! I wouldn’t piss on a VN for lacking a robust combat system, or an RPG for being “too linear”. A “(3/5★)” RPG is not necessarily worse than a “(4/5★)” RPG — as I score games based on averages, it’s likely both games have strengths and weaknesses that owe to different experiences. Perhaps the former offers a riveting story, and the latter action-packed combat. Don’t be afraid to skip ahead to my “verdict” and get a closer look!

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