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This is a repository of all of the reviews (that I’ve bothered to upload) Yeah I’m a lazy wombat. Deal with it.

I post the longest iterations of articles here, where I am unfettered by arbitrary censorship or restrictions. For shorter reads, I encourage you to consult my off-site reviews, which are streamlined to quicken the decision process. I recommend consulting my longer articles when you are unsure about a purchase. Alternatively, my extended reviews may provide valuable information for developers or users that have already purchased the game; I will often give advice, or point out oversights (to be fixed or exploited).

Or hey, you can read my long-ass reviews because you like reading. What a strange pastime, reading.

When I first wrote reviews on Steam, I wrote short, unrefined essays with little direction. As my audience and workload grew, I developed a standardized format to structure my reviews. This not only made reading my articles easier, but it also increased the speed at which I could write them. With new audience came new expectations, and I ramped-up my word count on each review. It’s. . . a vicious cycle. With my ever-growing proficiency, I desire to write big, showy pieces — but I get it, most people that read reviews don’t want to read an essays. For this reason, I provide alternatives from the sidebar which follows my “At a Glance” section. Be sure to click on any Ads you see; I could use the revenue.

DatWombat’s Favies!

I consider myself a bit of a porno-game connoisseur. I’ve played my share of adult-games, and I’ve probably written about half-a-million words about them at this point. When I review games, I’m pretty lax about what gets the “thumbs up”. Despite my mercy, I only approve of roughly half the games I’ve played to date — to be honest, I “approve” of any game that is competent and functional, even if not remarkable. However, there are very few games I’d “recommend to friend” — that is, games that I personally recommend. My personal favorites aren’t going to be up everyone’s ally, but that’s to be expected; my favorite games are based on my opinions after all.

If you’d like to read-up on my personal favorites, be sure to visit my burrow! [WIP]

Steam Games

Steam is one of, if not the biggest online videogame distributor. Recently, Steam opened the gates for adult titles. As an American gamer, I have access to just about any adult-game that releases on Steam; region-locked games are the exception. My roots as a reviewer are on Steam, and Steam is which the OG Wombat Trap Curator Page is hosted. By extension, it’s also where the Wombat Trap Group lives. If you have a Steam account, I strongly encourage you to join the ‘Trap, so that you may have exclusive announcements and reviews delivered to your feed!

Le Legend

Ex-x-x-stended X ✘ These reviews are super girthy. They typically are over fifteen-hundred words in length, often the result of thoroughly playing the games in question.

Pen of Pain & Shame ✎ These reviews are pending review. They are incomplete, out-of-date, or I feel the need to disclaim my shame for a something I’m not proud of.

Two! Four! Six! Eight! Masturbate!

A is for Anal Apocalypse!

B is for Bitch, a female pup!

C is for Communistic Chastity!

D is for Dick Punch!

E is for Enema!

F is for Furious Fapping!

G is for Games, why you’re here!

H is for Harem, every hentai ever!

H is for Hentai, for the story right?

I is for “Incest is wincest!”

J is for Jerky, what’s your hand’s name?

K is for Kawaii!

L is for Lusty Argonian Maid!

M is for for Monster-Girls!

N is for Naughty Nekos!

O is for One-handed Skill!

P is for Penile Percussion!

Q is for Queen’s Queue!

R is for milky Rabbits!

S is for Sexy Suck-cubuses!

T is for Tenacious Tentacles!

U is for Uniformed. . . uh, Usurpers!

V is for Vacant Vaginas!

W is for Womanizing Witches!

Y is for Yummy Yams!

Dlsite Games

DLsite is a Japan-based distributer of erotic games and content. Unlike Steam, DLsite is rather. . . lax with their content guidelines. Never have I seen more depraved content than what I have viewed on DLsite. Unfortunately, there’s one thing that keeps this platform from being the best in the West — an ugly Japanese law called “censorship”.

(It’s lookin’ a lil’ empty here!)

DatWombat Complains about Money

I’m. . . not popular with developers.

You see, I’m not a shill. You can’t buy my approval (but I’ll still take your money). I’m the officer that’ll take your bribe and write you a ticket anyways. When a developer sends me a game I think sucks, I’m gonna let them and my devout fanbase know. Those developers don’t usually send me anymore free games. I don’t beg or blackmail developers for copies of their work. Yes, reviewers blackmail developers for free games. They are the scum of Steam (or Steam-scum). I support developers, and the best possible way to support a developer is to buy their game(s). With that in mind, I expend a great deal of financial resources to play and discuss the volume of software that I do. It costs about two to three-hundred USD a month for me to stay up to date with Steam releases. I make less than one-hundred USD a month.

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I make zero Ad revenue. That’s because I don’t host Ads on my website. You may not notice the lack of promotional material, but browsing your favorite content Ad-free is the sort of thing you won’t miss until it’s gone. I want to keep the Wombat Trap an Ad-free experience, because I find them visually abhorrent (and in many cases, predatory). The ‘Trap is a safe place, a realm for you and I to fawn over the finer things in life. Advertisements don’t exactly convey safeness (and as a matter of fact, Ads can be laced with malware). The only Ads I want you to see are my Ads, because my Ads are Ads you can trust. Be sure to click on your local Wombat Trap Ads, and shell out your hard earned cash for the ‘Trap’s continued operation!

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