Would you say the Wombat Trap is worth one dollar?

If one-percent of Wombat Trap users donated a dollar a month, I'd break even.

Subscription Tiers

What happened to your Patreon?

That’s a great question!

The good folk at Patreon don’t want anything to do with my profession. Apparently, their platform isn’t be used to fund “sexual violence” or something. They’ve attacked my content at least three times now, I’m surprised my Patreon Page is still online!

As a matter of fact, they even tried to make me change my website to better align with their morals! To continue using Patreon to fund the Wombat Trap, I would have been forced to only write about wholly consensual, vanilla sexual content.

Where’s the fun in that?

Why should I send my money here?

By allowing the Wombat Trap to handle your donations, all possible money goes directly to me — subscription based services typically take as much as 20% for themselves, but since I’m the subscription service that money goes to me instead!

What are you doing with my money?

Probably paying for hosting fees. Once upon a time, the Wombat Trap only cost about ten dollars a month to host. But as the needs of this website have increased, the price of simply staying online has quadrupled!

And that’s just the price of hosting. . . although I receive quite a bit of free software from developers/publishers, the software I don’t get free I pay for. I spend my money to prevent you from wasting yours on shitty games.

Then there’s hardware; my computers don’t last forever, and I sort of need them to play games and you know. . . write.

When I have surplus money, I put it straight into the Wombat Trap by hiring outside help. I hope someday, I will have enough money to not only quit my job, but to hire a team to work around the clock to make the best damn Wombat Trap I can!