Ask a Wombat! 077

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Bemused asks about Fi da Booty Samurai. . .

Sadly, I have been avoiding steam forums, after having been banned there once. (I was later unbanned and even got congratulations from steam moderators for some of the posts which I had been banned for… but I am not eager to repeat the experience. (And there are too many personalities involved for me to know how to make sense of such issues.))

But I have reviewed your instructions, and I can confirm that when I select Save from the File dropdown of the resource.assets window of uabae, I have never been prompted for a file location. So I have never seen anything which corresponds to this image: Possibly this would have been a consequence of myself not having done the work you have done in modding the game?

Meanwhile, the game has advanced to version 0.86. I have not yet attempted to install your mod against that version. (I am tempted to try updating uabea to be robust against version changes of this sort.

DatWombat writes. . .

Steam support has always given me trouble. In fact, one of my primary motivations for making this website has always been to dodge Steam guidelines; in addition to strict word counts, I am heavily censored.

Did you hit “Save” or. . . “Save As”? In the sixth release of UABEA, clicking “Save” will directly overwrite your files. In previous releases of UABEA, “Save” will prompt a “Save As” window as you have shown.

Your game should already be modded!

Which makes me realize. . . my tutorial is intended illustrated for the fourth release for UABEA. Fuck, I apologize for any inconvenience I’ve caused on my end, I didn’t even realize the ways that drop-down menu differs by releases.

Thanks for contacting on the matter, I may not have realized that “oopsie”.

Unfortunately, the most up-to-date version of Fi da Booty Samurai is not compatible with Fi da Puti Samurai Version 0.86. Last time I tried to use an outdated version of Fi da Booty Samurai my game was fucked.

Today, I’m planning on building an updated patch for Fi da Puti Samurai.

Though I do recommend users to update the game as updates are published, if you want to wait until I publish patches I would recommend disabling automatic updates. When a new Fi da Booty Samurai is available, it’s time to update Fi da Puti Samurai!

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