Leisure yacht – The epilogue

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Leisure yacht – The epilogue is a lewd visual novel about Michael’s final “goodbyes” following the events of Leisure yacht.


(Adult) Content?
(FxM) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
One or two hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


Read dialogue and reach the end of the story. There are a handful of player decisions to make in this game, but most of them are intended for sex-scenes. In other words, this is a mostly linear game. There’s also a lock-picking minigame, reminiscent of Skyrim. It’s nice to see variety in a visual novel, but it only served to inflate playtime. I’d like this minigame play a bigger role in more open-world titles (such as the prequel, Leisure yacht).


The events of this game follow those of Leisure yacht — if you haven’t played this game, I strongly recommend doing so before purchasing Leisure yacht – The epilogue. It’s been a while since I last played Leisure yacht, so I nearly clueless about each character.

With that in mind, take my rendition of the story with a grain of salt.

Michael is going home. Having spent weeks on Alison’s yacht, he’s a changed man. As he leaves his summer home behind, he ponders his relationship with Alison and her daughters; they have shared many intimate moments together, including insemination. He wonders, if what they shared was love — or just sex. The chopper is waiting for him, but he hasn’t said his farewells. Alison remarks, on my yacht there is only one way to say goodbye. She strips down and there, and it doesn’t take Michael long to understand the “proper” way to to say his “goodbyes”!


Steam Overlay works! Previous titles I have played by Drunk Robot don’t play nice with Steam, forcing me to use my “Alt”, “Windows” and “PRT SCRN” keys — thanks Drunk Robot. The titlescreen is decently arranged (though a wee off-center). From “Settings”, you may adjust audio, display, gameplay and resolution preferences. The English isn’t terrible, but misspellings are rampant. Did anyone proofread this game? The artwork is somewhat grainy, and clipping is a common error. Did anyone uh. . . proof view the renders?

The Goods

Leisure yacht – The epilogue is pretty much one big sex-scene. The bulk of the game is watching the main protagonist, Michael, having sex with the entire female crew. There are quite a number of static CGs, with lots of progression and money shots. There are also a few animations, which are actually kind of decent, but they could use more frames. Each sex-scene can be extended/repeated, or in some cases changed in course. The bulk of the content is basic, consensual intercourse. However, there was one scene that was borderline rape and another with two lady subjects! I was able to spot a few visual errors, such as distorted meshes — overall, the adult content is decent, but sometimes sloppy.


Wait for updates (particularly for proofreading!) If you have played (and enjoyed) Leisure yacht, purchasing this game is a no-brainer. Leisure yacht – The epilogue wraps up the Leisure yacht story with a series of sex-scenes — those are the most important part of any story! However, I don’t see this game appealing to anyone that hasn’t played the first entry. Unfortunately, Leisure yacht – The epilogue does not provide any sort of “primer” for newcomers (or oldcomers that may have forgotten the story). This title feels unfinished. English and general visual errors plague are everywhere! If you’re looking for “story” (and not story), Leisure yacht – The epilogue isn’t a bad deal — but I’d consider waiting for a light sale.

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