Slide Furry (2/5★)

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Slide Furry is a lewd bastardization of “memory” and slider-puzzles with assorted furries.

Adult Content?
(F) nudity.

No. Woot! Woot!

One hour.

Patch Available?
Not necessary.

Foreword: published December 7th, 2021

I received a free copy of this game for review purposes — thanks Black Hole!

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Gameplay: published December 7th, 2021 (1/5★)

Slide Furry is Black Hole‘s bastardization of “memory”. By combining the worst parts of memory and slider-puzzles, you get Slide Furry. Each level offers a selection of face-down cards. Cards may be turned face-up two a time; adjacent, matching cards are removed from the board, and non-matching cards exchange positions. Cards must be navigated (while remaining face-down) to produce adjacent, matching pairs. On paper, it sounds mechanically interesting — but in practice, it really is the worst of two worlds.

Sexual Content: published December 7th, 2021 (2/5★)

There are twenty-four static images to unlock, showcasing a random naked furry. The CGs are essentially stickers, compressed images totally devoid of backgrounds. The artwork is decent, but if I wanted a furry fix Slide Furry would be a great big disappointment.

Story: published December 7th, 2021 (1/5★)

There is no in-game dialogue or exposition.

Sound: published December 7th, 2021 (2/5★)

There’s a handful of tracks that are cycled between levels. It’s nice to hear more than one track throughout the game, but the music isn’t great. It didn’t take me long to mute the application and tune into something else I’d rather listen to. Whenever a pair of cards are moved, they may produce a sexual moan. I have to give Black Hole credit for interesting sound effects, but I thought they were kind of annoying.

Visuals: published December 7th, 2021 (3/5★)

The game looks great, but the user-interface is full of disappointment. The “pause” menu advertises “DELETE SAVE” where a “back” button should be; instead, the “back” button is relegated to a power icon (which traditionally represents closing the application). When rotating cards, you’ll only given a split second to view what’s underneath; as the board grows larger and cards smaller, it’s difficult to match cards without guessing. At no point may the user-interface be hidden (even while viewing CGs from the “Collection”).

Verdict: published December 7th, 2021 (2/5★)

Congratulations Black Hole, you’ve somehow made “memory” a worse game than it already is! Slide Furry isn’t a bad deal in terms of playtime, but it seemed like I spent more time dealing with slow controls than the actual game. From start to finish, I couldn’t help but wish I was playing anything else. It’s nice having twenty-four unlockable images, but not when they’re all compressed and devoid of any sort of meaningful content. I like furries, birdies and scalies as much as the next guy, but I suggest you do them all a favor by letting this game slide back from whence it came.

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