Monster Girls You-ki Chan

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Monster Girls You-ki Chan is a mildly lewd side-scroller beat ’em up bout You-Ki, a demon girl’s quest to save mankind from the gates of Hell.


(Adult) Content?
Female sexual content.

Yes, mosaic’d genitalia.

Hours of Game-play?

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


The biggest shame about this game is the lack of adult-content. The artist behind this title is a well-versed adult artist. As a matter of fact, they have designed many animations using the same characters and sprites from this game. Had they of been included in this title, this could have been an excellent adult-sidescroller.

Although I do read than an “R-18” version is in the works.


. . . in a nutshell

Go right and smash everyone and everything!

out the shell. . .

Move right and kill anything that moves. There are a variety of weapons to collect, each with their own play style. You can sneak up on enemies and assassinate them, and utilize special attacks against bosses. Overall, there isn’t much to the game — just mash those keys and smash your foes.

No! This is not a game you can play one-handed!


You play as a master demon warrior — sounds pretty badass, huh?

Well you’re name’s Pudding.

Pudding spent her former years killin’ things. So, she decided to join humans and live among them. Entranced by love and goodwill, she abandoned her killin’ ways. But the humans didn’t like the way she look, and they would attack her. They would even attack each other, in the name of avarice. One day, the gates of Hell were opened, in response to mankind’s exectional malice. The humans could not fend off the ensuing invasion, but Pudding chose to join their cause. She vowed never to fight again, but now she must break her vow, and kill everything that ain’t human.

Okay, real talk — Pudding’s a badass.


The title screen is interactive — you can screw around with the protagonist, and it looks good (for the most part). From “Option”, you can adjust audio, difficulty, display, gameplay, and language preferences. Overall, it’s reasonably fleshed out, though it a bit disorganized. The in-game visuals look great, though there are discrepancies in sprite placement and resolution here and there.


Wait for a strong sale. The artwork is darned good, but given the playtime, fifteen USD is a bit steep. This is a linear game with limited replayability. Great for a night or two of gamin’, but probably not a title to pull you through the week.

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