Day: May 16, 2020


KukkoroDays is a lewd visual novel about an ordinary man, and his crazy encounter with a not-so fictional knight.

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Succubus Throne

Succubus Throne is a lewd puzzle game about a man’s fight for the throne of succubi. He began as a feckless brat, and now, he’s a sexual gladiator.

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Three kingdoms story: Conussia

Three kingdoms story: Conussia is a lewd visual novel/RPG about a hero’s quest to save a princess and her kingdom from certain destruction by the Dark Forces.

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Monster Girls You-ki Chan

Monster Girls You-ki Chan is a mildly lewd side-scroller beat ’em up bout You-Ki, a demon girl’s quest to save mankind from the gates of Hell.

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Fake lay

Fakelay is a lewd clicker game about a pervy taxi driver and his adult film business.

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Yu Escape / Monday

Yu Escape / Monday is a lewd point-‘n-clicker/puzzle game with light visual novel elements. Yu wants a snacky-snack, and Shi wants to make life hard (in more ways than one.)

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Aster is a lewd shoot ’em up about a mercenary’s battle ‘gainst lusty aliens.

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