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KukkoroDays is a lewd visual novel about an ordinary man, and his crazy encounter with a not-so fictional knight.


(Adult) Content?
(FxM) sexual content.

Mosaic’d genitalia.

Hours of Game-play?
Four or five hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
Yes, download from official site.


. . . in a nutshell

Consult my article on visual novels.

out the shell. . .

Hit that “Space” bar (or smash that mouse) and read, read, read. Every so often there is a prompt for the player, which will affect how the story plays out. There wasn’t very many user choices throughout the story, probably less than what you can count on two hands.


The story doesn’t start until you name the protagonist (whose appearance gender is left in the air at this point). . . so I decided to play it safe and go unisex. Welcome Wombatario!

Wombatario is your everyday, working dude. His social circle is dinky, and he lives alone. He has an otaku friend that loans him reading material from time to time. One day, he loans ‘tario a light novel, depicting a scantily clad (female) knight. It was so good, Wombatario couldn’t put it down — he read the thing from start to finish, with no regards to eating dinner. But this novel wasn’t just any novel — it was actually a key to another world!

Who. . . who would have feckin’ guessed.

A portal rips through Wombatario’s empty home, and out comes the heroine of the story. Cattleya is not happy to see him. She suspects that ‘tario is an agent of Diablo the Dragon. But they make up, and eventually she realizes that she’s not in her world. Apparently, she was engaged in battle with Diablo, who is capable of manipulating time and space. He created an “interdimensional transition”, ejecting Cattleya into Wombatario’s home. She wants to go back home, and she decides to live with Wombatario.

He’s shocked, but at the same time, ecstatic to have a lady friend once in his life.

Cattleya locates a magic artifact from her world — a grimoire — in a nearby bookstore. It details many ways on how she can return to her home, but she determines them to be too dicey, and ‘tario’s world too lacking in magic energy. For the time being, she’s stuck. But she doesn’t mind that. She gains an liking towards Wombatario, and as it turns out, it’s his affection which allows her to regenerate her magic abilities. But there’s one more problem that she and ‘tario are faced with.

Cattleya wasn’t the only one that has entered this world.


First thing’s first, you gotta select a language — a good start. The titlescreen is full o’ promise! It’s clean, organized, and backed with excellent artwork. From “Config”, a wide variety of audio, visual, and textual preferences can be adjusted. The user-interface looks great, and it’s easy to navigate. The main (female) protagonist is rendered using a sort of 3D model, and it looks. . . awesome. But apparently, there wasn’t enough budget to render anyone else, or to give her more than one pair of clothes.

The Goods

Hecka top-notch artwork with grotty mosaics coverin’ up the good stuff.

. . . expect male-on-female intercourse.


Wait for a solid sale. The art is top notch, and the story cutsey — but painfully generic. Don’t expect any sort of riveting writing, but I’ll admit that I felt a lil’ toast in my wombat heart once or twice.

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