Pledge: Extra credit

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Pledge: Extra credit is a lewd visual novel about Melissa and how she balances school and sorority.


(Adult) Content?
(F, FxF, FxM) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
Five or six hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


Manage your time and money to balance friends and school. You have a limited number of energy and hours, the former replenishable by napping (and using hours). The overarching goal of the game is to graduate school, which means dedicating hours each day to increase your business, history, math, and science scores to maintain a high enough “average” to pass your classes. You’re also responsible for tending a sorority, whether it be hazing new lackeys or pranking the competition. You can explore a handful of locations, each with their own cast of characters for you to romance. There’s no way to do everything in a single playthrough — but that’s also kind of why there’s eleven endings.

. . . yes, this is a game you can play one-handed!


In a nutshell. . .

Melissa is college-goer, and she’s the sort that pretty much drinks and fucks day n’ night. She considers herself the head bitch in charge (or “HBIC”) — does anyone actually recognize this name? Four years have passed by, and her parents are sick of funding her fucking. Her grades have been dipping, and the only way her parents will continue to pay for school is if she passes the semester and graduates. In addition to her newfound responsibilities as a scholar, she is also bound to her sorority as “head sister”. For the remainder of the school year, Melissa must balance her sorority and study life while making ends meet with zero financial support from her family.

Will Melissa keep her sleeves rolled up, or will she default as drunk cock sleeve?

. . . out of the shell

Melissa shares a room with Aisha, a traditional Indian girl. I find indian garb n’ girls to be pretty hot, so I made sure to haev Melissa complement Aisha’s lehenga choli. Aisha and Melissa play a little “dress up”, and part ways. For the next twelve hours I had Melissa take selfies (and I got twelve followers for her efforts!) Aisha approaches Melissa with a problem; she is she is super stressed out, and she wants Melissa’s advice.

Melissa’s advice? Find the biggest cock she’s ever seen and “rub one out.”

But alas, Aisha’s a lesbian! At least, she thinks she’s a lesbian. I decided to test if she likes girls (which resulted in a nice, make-out session to calm her nerves.) As soon as Melissa’s “test” was done, I opted straight for a good ol’ fashion sixty-nine sexy time with Aisha. Unfortunately, she was offended by the very notion. For the rest of the day (and most of the next), I had Melissa take selfies and further her relationship with Aisha.

And then, there was a “knock knock” on her door.

As Melissa was raking in those followers, she is summoned by Molly, a fellow sorority sister. They head on over the War Room, the place where Melissa commanders her underling sisters. I opted to recruit new members over a cup of tea (and I went broke for no new recruits.) Once Melissa returned to her home, I resumed taking selfies and seducing Aisha for the next few days. Molly invites Melissa to some sort of boy party. I figured, why not?

And so Melissa replies hell yeah!

Aisha comes with her and gets super drunk. Like a good best friend Melissa drags her ass back home and lays her to bed. However, Aisha isn’t too keen for bed time yet. In addition to being super drunk, she’s also super horny. She practically forces herself upon Melissa, who is unsure if following through her advances would be immoral (considering her drunken state). Well it’s not like Aisha’s gonna remember anything — so I jumped on the opportunity to get in her pants!

Unfortunatlly, she passed out before Melissa could take her top off. Dagnabbit!

The next morning, Aisha laments on the state of her head. I have Melissa tell her exactly what happened last night, and Aisha wasn’t too happy about it. So begins another day of taking selfies and a very surprised Aisha when Melissa catches her watching porn (even though she never left her dorm.) After a few more days of bonding with Aisha, she finally lets Melissa between her legs — boy golly, does Aisha have nice set of Indian lips!

From that day forward, Melissa’s everyday routine became a combination of selfies and sex!

About a week later, Melissa receives the results to her midterms. I failed to mention that I had Melissa study everyday in the interest of keeping daddy’s money. Despite my efforts, Melissa’s grades are “below average”. She hatches a scheme to ask for extra credit from one of her teachers. I opted for Mister Patreon, because I have a Patreon account.

Would you like to earn some “extra credit” of your own?

Melissa spends the next week furiously napping, studying and fucking her Indian friend. Eventually, her beloved sorority building is vandalized (probably because of that one time I had Melissa “prank” her competition.) I did the only sensible thing and that was get revenge. The next day, Melissa wraps up Patreon’s assignment (which meant I had more time for you know, selfies!) It’s about this point when I learned (purely by accident) that there’s a whole world to explore outside of Melissa’s dorm!

I guess it never occured to me that a game about school would have a campus.

Melissa heads over to her school and meets up with her boyfriend, James. He’s thoroughly impressed by her follower count (which at this point was one-hundred-eighty-five). They depart, and Melissa stumbles upon a pair of ladies, Emma and Rebecca. They are members of a rival sorority, and Emma is their very own head bitch in charge. Rebecca is actually chill with Melissa, but she maintains a spiteful facade to stay on Emma’s goodside. Emma and Mellissa wind up meeting each other again, and she proposes a challenge.

Whichever sorority raises the most money in the next three weeks gets to whatever they want to the loser’s HBIC.

Considering Mellissa and her sorority are flat broke, I resolve to have her work her tail off in the library to win the challenge. She heads back to her dorm, and the game transitions from night to day. Melissa laments about losing the challenge — wait, what happened to her three weeks? As it turns out, the deadline is the twenty-fifth (which was the next day). I guess I was supposed to pick up the challenge as soon as the game starts, and not as late as I did. Thankfully, all that happened was that she had to stand outside naked (and blindfolded) for an hour while Emma’s sorority vandalized her body with markers.

Honestly, I was expecting something way more humiliating.

The next few days involved sharing a wiener (of the hotdog variety) with Aisha and more library labor. She asks Melissa if she has any plans after college — she loves her relationship with her, and she doesn’t want to stop their benefits when they graduate. She’s in love with Melissa, and she wants to take her home as a lover. I eagerly had Melissa kiss her and cement their relationship as forever.

Now that Aisha belongs to Melissa, my next goal is to get her hands on a webcam.

Maybe I can put those followers to use. Melissa takes another trip to the library and passes by Aisha. Melissa practically gropes her in full view (but she’s okay with that.) Molly invites Melissa to another party, and I have her accept with yet another hell yes! Melissa catches her rival Emma sucking off a man (that’s definately not her boyfirend). She covertly records her skankery and uploads it to the general public right in front of her face.

Da-a-amn Melissa. Ice cold.

The next day, Melissa finds her arch nemesis weeping outside the school. After seeing the video on Passion Hub, her boyfriend promptly broke up with her. I find Emma to be pretty hot, so I opted to comfort her. She took to Melissa’s kind words well, but she acted like a total bitch when Melissa approached her later that day. Honestly, I kind of which I chose to rub it in. . . especially after that sorority incident.

After days of lifting books, Melissa is finally able to afford a webcam kit.

To celebrate (and pass the time until the package arrives), I decided to have Melissa visit the school showers and masturbate for a while. Lo and behold, her girlfriend Aisha walks in on her. Melissa pulls her close and covers her mouth before fingering her to a screaming orgasm. Melissa resolves to transform Aisha into her very own sex pet, to satisfy her exhibitionist cravings.

Gee, Melissa and Aisha just got one step hotter.

The next moring, Mellessa recieves her webcam equipment. I decided to have to set it up straight away, and follow up with her first strip tease show. Finally, all of those selfies have finally payed off! Now fifty-five dollars richer, I decided to save up for some sex toys. Unfortunately, Melessa wouldn’t see any sex toys before the end of the semester.

As a matter of fact, she fails school the next day.

Just two two points short of the required “average points”, she doesn’t graduate. Her father utterly cuts her out of his life, and leaving her to work some dead end job with no cellphone. She finds her calling as “Felicia” the stripper, and that’s where her story ends. I thought Melissa was going to move to India with Aisha!

Who would have thought taking selfies doesn’t get you anywhere?


The titlescreen looks promising. You don’t even have to hit “Play game” to start seein’ them boobies. You can review unlocked CGs from the “Sex Scenes Gallery”, and after beating the game at least three times you can view addition CGs from the “Bonus image gellery”. The “Endings” option is self explanatory; there, you can check out any of the (eleven) endings you have unlocked thus far. The “gearbox” icon on the top-right will allow you to set audio and display preferences. To hide the user-interface, just hit the “space” bar.

Now let’s get into the in-game!

The cast are rendered via 3D models, much like those of Daz Studio or Poser. The models are very attractive, especially Aisha’s — mmph! A lot of games I have played that employ 3D models have render errors, such as visual artifacts, graininess or white pixels; I don’t recall any such visual errors (although some of the renders appeared somewhat fuzzy). However, the backgrounds are pretty hit or miss (and generally miss). I saw a lot of stock photographs and poor Photoshop jobs. Generally speaking, I am against using photographs to substitute what can be 3D rendered. However, I understand that photographs are immensely cheaper than actual 3D models.

The Goods

There are over forty sex-scenes to see from the main gallery (though there are quite a bit more sex-scenes that are unlisted.) Most of the sex-scenes consist of one or more static CGs and character dialogue. Some of the scenes use one or more animated loops, and the animation isn’t half-bad. Each character has their share of the spotlight, though most of the scenes revolve around the protagonist’s roommate and her rival. Most of the scenes focus on lesbian love — men are a bit of a footnote in this game.

But I like that a lot.


I definitely recommend Pledge: Extra credit. The price is on-point given the content, though it’s important to note that this game is meant to be played through multiple times. As a matter of fact, depending on the number of endings you unlock, you can start new games with bonuses (such as increased money or stats). Given the number of characters and things to do, I think you could reasonably beat this game two or three times as a non-completionist. That’s like, over ten hours of taking selfies!

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