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GUN LADY is a generic, lewd swippy-swappy puzzle game with a gun and naked lady theme.


(Adult) Content?
(F) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Game-play?
Forty-five minutes.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.



This article is pending review. It is either incomplete, out-of-date, or I feel the need to disclaim my shame for a something Iā€™m not proud of.


. . . in a nutshell

I need to make some revisions.

out the shell. . .

This is is basest form of puzzle game (next to jigsaw puzzles). You start with a complete image, which is subsequently divided into tiles, and then scrambled. To complete a stage, you swap around those tiles to unscramble the image. The edges of the completed image are displayed around the playing area, significantly reducing the difficulty of positioning tiles. There is a timer, but there is no time limit. The number of tiles will start at sixteen, and will increase to thirty-six during the last puzzles.


There is no story.


The title screen looks amateurish, but it has everything you’d expect. You can adjust sound settings or toggle the fullscreen display. From “Book”, you can review completed images. The level select screen looks boring, but is deadly simple to navigate. When solving puzzles, you can review the completed image (in case you get stuck), toggle music, and pause (the onscreen timer).

The Goods

The artwork is static and really well drawn. There were a few spots where I thought the subject seemed to be a bit imposed on the background, but overall the art is (again) pretty good. There are ten base images, and four versions of each one (or forty pictures). Each version shows a different stage of undress. There is no sexual content, just nudity and somewhat provocative posing.

. . . expect basic female nudity.


This game is nothing special, just an above average swippy-swappy puzzle game. If you enjoy those kinds of puzzles, then this title is absolutely worth a buy. If you enjoy the artwork, I’d buy the game (and DLC) to have access to all of the images. I think this game is worth a buy.

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