She Will Punish Them [Archive: May 16th 2020

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She Will Punish Them is a third person rogue-lite about sexy succubus and her quest for outfits and power. . . ?


(Adult) Content?
No. Upcoming.

Not applicable. . . yet.

Hours of Game-play?

Modding Support?

Patch Available?


. . . in a nutshell

Kill baddies and play “dress up” with your very own succubus creation.

out the shell. . .

You enter dungeons, battle baddies, loot baddies (and/or chests), and destroy the big baddie to progress. If you die, you lose everything you’re carrying. When you start the game, I suggest stashing your gear — if you don’t ‘n you die, you might as well start a new save. Your inventory is limited, so it’s a good idea to take advantage of your home base’s “Personal Storage”. Throughout each dungeon are shops, which carry obscenely expensive gear. You probably won’t be buying a whole lot of gear during missions, since you can only use the gold you collect during missions at ’em. It’s a basic game, but reasonably fun once you get your hands on decent gear.

Now let’s talk about everything that makes this game not fun.

Enemies just sort of home in on you. If you stand around for a few seconds, chances are you’ll see another squad of baddies coming to pester you. It gets old fast. Opening chests is the worst — you’ll spend more time trying to find the sweet spot where you’re allowed to open them than you will fighting enemies. Seriously, did anyone test the chests before launch? Turns out, you need to make sure that you’re looking down and standing far enough away.

For feck’s sake, why are they such a pain?

Doing anything is. . . needlessly complicated. For example, to pick up items, you must hold down the “Caps Lock” key to bring an interface to pick up nearby items. Instead of having your weapons automatically in hand, you have to equip them first (but I’ll admit this is a minor gripe, but it doesn’t make sense to me). Once you get the hang of these controls though, it’ll come naturally. After killing enemies, my fingers naturally spammed the appropriate “pick up item” keys.

You may notice a lot of people complaining about crashing. The game crashed on me once, during a few hour playthrough.


Now, I’m sure there is a story to this game. . . but without any in-game exposition, I have to assume that there isn’t any story the developers care for us to know.


I thought that the title-menu and user-interface looked very clean and stylish — the sexy succubus was a welcome sight. A variety of settings can be adjusted from “Options”, such as audio, control, graphical, and resolution preferences. The audio preferences are useless, and if you want to mute the game you’ll have to do so externally. The in-game visuals look pretty good, and the main character great. Unfortunately, a lot of the outfits she has to wear clips through each other, and often don’t mesh together.


This is a fun lil’ game, as long as you don’t die. Be sure to stock up on healing potions, and spam attack and roll!

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