Queen’s Coast Casino – Uncut

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Queen’s Coast Casino – Uncut is a lewd money management game about a casino and its lusty patrons.


(Adult) Content?
(F, FxM) sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
Four or more hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.



. . . in a nutshell

Uhh. . . gamble and save scum to victory?

out the shell. . .

The goal is to unlock every CG (in the “Photobook”) before running out of money. If you run out of money, you’re screwed. There are a variety of minigames to play, all based on sheer luck. May the RNG gods be in your favor.

Gotcha!!! is a game where you press a button for prizes. You exchange money for Prize Paks, which contain a random assortment of Tokens, exchanged for CGs (or “Collectables”) at the Prize Shop. Bodacious Babes is a sort of matching game — the goal is to flip over three matching cards. This game is a reliable way to gain Coupons, a form of currency used to purchased hostess-specific collectables. At the Queen’s Slot machine, you place your bet(s), hit a button and hope for the best — not much else to say for a slots game. Blackjack is exactly what it sounds like, though with a simplified ruleset.

What’s that, you don’t know how to Blackjack?

Each player is dealt a hand of cards — each card represents a value. The goal is to have the highest value hand that is no bigger than “twenty-one”. However, if your hand does have a value of twenty-one, you automatically win the game, provided your opponent doesn’t also have the same value of hand. You may choose to “hit”, gaining an additional card, or “stand”, conceding your turn. When both players chose to “hold”, they reveal their hands a winner is chosen. Be careful when choosing to “hit” — all it takes is one card to “bust”, or lose the game by owning a hand with a value over twenty-one.

There’s a few more rules to Blackjack, but that’s all you need to know for this particular title. BlackJack is a good way to earn cash, a currency used primarily for “Other Activities”. These are visual novel-like segments, where the player must invest money to have sexy time with side characters. From the Prize Shop, you can buy or sell Collectables, Coupons, Tokens or Queen’s Coins.

Save often. If the RNG gods decide they hate you, you’ll lose all of your money in one sitting — when that happens, you can flip them the bird and reload the game.

Yes! This is a game you can play one-handed!


You’re a patron of the Queen’s Coast Casino, situated in a city where drugs, gambling, and prostitution are one-hundred percent legal! You have acquired an Ultra-Elite VIP pass, obligating the casino’s hostesses to treat you like royalty.

You are corralled inside by Holli, a thic dark-skinned gal whom gives you a tour. She is backed by Manae, a big ol’ asian girl. After a brief discussion with Holli, Suzi makes her presence known — she claims to be the luckiest hostess at the casino. Throughout the casino are lusty patrons happy to oblige your naughty bits — if the price is right. Apparently, you’re the only dude on site (at least, so it seems).


The titlescreen looked promising — I didn’t suspect that I was playing an RPGMaker game until I saw the “Options” screen (which gave me the choice to “Always Dash”, an RPGMaker staple). Here, you can adjust audio and control settings. The remainder of the game is viewed via text and visual novel-like segments, with text placed over a series of static images. The art looked good, but it wasn’t varied. I think this game would have been a lot more fun if the player could enjoy a deeper sense of exploring the casino, but that’d be well beyond the scope of RPGMaker (considering the developers did away with all of the pixel art)

The Goods

There are over two-hundred (static) CGs to unlock. They are rendered using 3D models, much like those of Daz Studio or Poser. They were well made, but left a little something to be desired. I wasn’t fond of any of the characters — they had often had grossly oversized body features. The protagonist is an unattractive hairy dude, so that’s worth throwing out there.

. . . expect female nudity and male-on-female intercourse.


Wait for a small sale. There’s a good chunk of hours to be had from this title, as a result of grinding. There are plenty of CGs to collect, but the games grow stale quickly, and in my opinion, the characters will only appeal to a niche set of viewers. Not all of them were picture perfect, but I like that — not every woman is a feckin’ super model.

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