Three kingdoms story: Conussia

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Three kingdoms story: Conussia is a lewd visual novel/RPG about a hero’s quest to save a princess and her kingdom from certain destruction by the Dark Forces.


(Adult) Content?
(F, FxF) sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Game-play?
Uh, there’s a lot. Okay?

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


. . . in a nutshell

Read my article on point-‘n-clickers.

out the shell. . .

This game plays-out like a very interactive choose-your-own adventure book. You go from room to room talking to NPCs, catering to their needs and extracting useful information. There are a few dungeon-crawler-like screens, where you have the option to travel in cardinal directions and interact with characters and the environment. Throughout the game you will collect a wide variety of items, essential for progression and their usage left to the player’s judgement (or misjudgement.) You must carefully manage money and the kingdom’s resources, to prevent losing the game (if you don’t get yourself killed beforehand).


The stars have aligned for Tim Chen Myung, for he has rescued a princess from her kidnappers. She is grateful for his help, but still she is distraught — her uncle has be abducted, and without him to rule the kingdom of Conussia she is forced to succeed his throne. Normally, this isn’t a problem — however, Conussia’s fighting force has been rendered dead by the Dark Forces.

In other words, Conussia is about to get screwed.

But hope is not yet lost. A con artist called the Carpenter, a man versed in Taramille, an obscure language used by magicians of the past. As he looks for magical solutions to Conussia’s eminent demise, Tim is also tasked with saving the kingdom. He meets Guard, a man who guides Tim into the secret passages.

Yes, his name is actually Guard.

The Secret Passages contain magic mirrors, which allow the viewer to peep inside the bedrooms of royalty. He also shows you the way inside the Catacombs, a dark and scary labyrinth which drives adventurers crazy. Lucky for Tim, Guard happens to stock up on crazy-warding artifacts and torches. The Carpenter needs gems to construct magic scrolls, and Tim’s just the man.

All eyes are on Tim and the Carpenter to save the kingdom.


The main menu looks. . . okay. The art is good, and the interface pretty enough. It’s unremarkable. From “Settings”, you can adjust audio, display, and text settings. The “Help” menu brings up the controls, which cannot be reconfigured. I rather enjoyed the in-game visuals. They reminded me (in part) of Borderlands or Google Sketch Up, with bold outlines and painterly textures. The portraits for each character were wonderful. They were really something, though I would liked to have seem less imposed. Many visual novels use a portraits without backgrounds, making the characters feel less like. . . portraits.

The text was worded strangely, as if it were translated from another langauge. Though I could understand it, it read unnaturally, and I think that it would benefit from being reworded by a natural English speaker. As the story progressed, the English grew increasingly poor — I became lost again and again. Sometimes, you can see bits of (what I think is) leftover Russian.

The Goods

You’re in for a treat. The artwork is really somethin’ — I haven’t seen such high-end lesbian action in some time. Problem being, sexual CGs are not numerous, and there are accompanied by scant descriptions and “progression”. In other words, scenes are conducted with very few (static) pieces. With that in mind, consider sexy-scenes to be a bonus, far from the focus of this game.

. . . expect female nudity and female-on-female intercourse.


I would wait for a light sale, and don’t expect to get plastered with boobies. The artwork is good, the English is poor, and the story could have been better told. It’s not the best of RPGs, but I reckon it’ll scratch a certain itch — if you’re on the prowl for a more classic RPG (and you happen to like the offhand pair of boobies), this game might just do the job.

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