Ask a Wombat! 058

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Winston asks. . .

Do you ever think that lewd games will break into the mainstream or become more popular with time?

DatWombat says. . .

More popular, sure, “break into the mainstream”, probably not. Lewd games will continue to gain popularity as coding and monetization become readily available. Since Steam opened the door for adult games, I don’t doubt the market has been flooded with adult offerings. Developers continue to prove that porn sells, and games like Subverse showcase how much eager people are for “AAA” porn. Unfortunately, I don’t think any reputable company will ever pursue pornographic games; I’m skeptical their “investors” will take a liking to anime tiddies.

Sweet House (3/5★)

Sweet House is a lewd hidden-object game about an unnamed protagonist and his sexual exploits with three lady friends.


Yogurt! is a lewd clicker game.

Elian, Elisa, ChatAid

Elian, Elisa, ChatAid is a two-‘n-one visual novel about a soul stealin’ PC and a woman sacrifice.

Without A Voice

Without A Voice is a short and sweet (or tragic) visual novel about a princess’ encounter with a strange lady, who’s more than meets the eye.