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This page is a repository for my creative pieces; if you’re on the prowl for my informational content, I redirect you to my reviews. Before I wrote reviews, I wrote original characters (or “OCS”) on Deviant Art. I was an avid collector of “Adoptables”, or purchasable characters. While I did write many of my own characters, I enjoyed the challenge that came with writing stories for character designs that I otherwise would not create on my own accord.

Like furries. Or uh, busty aliens. Because boobies > realism.

Before my Deviant Art antics, I wrote off-and-on privately, from within my Google Drive vault. I would record my ideas and thoughts regarding my roleplaying sessions; when I was a wee wombat, I used to host homebrew, after-school tabletop games with my chums. Before those days, my writing skills were restricted to bullshitting essays because I didn’t write them until same morning I had class.

Kind of like the way I write reviews!

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Borderlands Fanfictions

Prismatic Six (Original)

  • The Rainbow Babes [WIP]
  • Yuva [WIP]