This patch humanizes Evil Maze enemies (with boobies).

About This Mod

Compatible Games
Skyrim (Legacy)

Evil Maze (Steam Copy)


This mod replaces Evil Maze’s monsters with cute, humanoid monster girls.

You can purchase Evil Maze on Steam –

As it stands, this patch replaces the Slime, Green Slime, Red Slime, Tentacles, and Yellow Slime sprites with cute humanoid sprites. It also replaces the Ice Fairy with a recolored version. I did away with her clothes (although I didn’t draw any naughty bits) because I thought that it she looked much better without them.

I purchased Evil Maze on Steam a while back while it was on sale. I enjoyed it so much that I dug into its files to see how it worked. When I realized how easy it would be to make a texture patch, I decided to give back to the community with a quick and easy mod. I made this particular piece a few years back, while I was in college. It is one of, if not the first mod I have ever publicly released.

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  • To refine the preexisting monster girls
  • To replace dragons with ‘Dragon Girls”
  • To replace bats with “Bat Girls”
  • To work on a nude patch


Drag and drop the Evil Maze Monster Girl’s “Graphics” folder into your Evil Maze install files. I suggest that you backup your original “Graphics” folder before replacing it.

Known Bugs and Errors

No (unfixed) bugs or errors have been reported so far. 

Questions, comments or concerns

Feedback is deeply appreciated, and necessary to the improvement of my work. Are my mods working as intended? If not, please notify me straight-away. I want to insure that my mods are as universally-functional as possible. If you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know and I will consider them for future releases of my mods.


Version 1.0

Added Monster Girl(s)


Green Slime

Red Slime


Yellow Slime

Retextured Vanilla Monster(s)

Ice Fairy