Pornolands replaces vanilla textures with erotic material.

About This Mod

Compatible Games
Borderlands: TPE



NOTICE – Heed this warning or be destroyed!

Before I could finish this mod, my computer broke down. I don’t know when I will be able to continue work on this mod, but I’ve worked many, many hours on this mod and many portions of it are complete. However, there may be wonky or missing textures here and there. However, I highly doubt this mod (even in it’s WIP state) will break your game. The only things this mod touches are textures, nothing more. If you spot anything wrong, give me a heads up! I’d like to keep a log of what to fix when I have a new PC.

This mod replaces textures in Borderlands: The Pre Sequel with the most “lore friendly” Borderlands porn I could find. Pornolands “sexes up” posters, screens, and signs all over Elpis, Helios, and (eventually) Clappy’s mind!

Where is the porn?

You’ll mostly see my textures at Concordia and Helios, although I’m sure you’ll see a few things here and there elsewhere. Anywhere that has Dahl or Hyperion-related images will likely have some lewdness going for it.

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  • To add some “professional” screenshots
  • To add dirt and grime to posters and graffiti
  • To lewdify Lilith and Moxxi and the whole Vaultie gang
  • To add more lewd posters at Moxxis
  • To replace Marcus portraits with lewd girl portraits
  • To add some lewd advertisements inside Clappy 


Unzip the contents of the “BorderwhoresTPS” somewhere on your PC. I’d recommend storing it somewhere in your Borderlands: The Pre Sequel game files, so that they will be easy to locate in the following steps. If you don’t already have Texmod, download and run Texmod. 

Known Bugs and Errors

No (unfixed) bugs or errors have been reported so far. 

Questions, comments or concerns

Feedback is deeply appreciated, and necessary to the improvement of my work. Are my mods working as intended? If not, please notify me straight-away. I want to insure that my mods are as universally-functional as possible. If you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know and I will consider them for future releases of my mods.


Version 0.30 “Beta” (Unknown Date) 

Image Credits

No image used in this mod was my own work. I cropped and edited other people’s artwork and they deserve credit for their efforts. If you see your work in my mod and want it removed, I will be happy to comply (when I am able to work on this mod again).

Athena, The Gladiator by Radprofile (Deviant Art 2014) 

Best shot on Pandora! by Radprofile (Deviant Art 2015)

Black and White: Moxxi Again by Naranjou (Hentai Foundry 2015)

Borderlands TPS – Janey Springs by Hombre-Blanco (Hentai Foundry 2015)

Commission of Mad Moxxi for a friend on Instagram by Null-Max (Tumblr 2018)

Get behind me by Radprofile (Deviant Art 2015)

Handsome Jack x Nisha by Fugtrup (Gfycat 2014)

How can I be of service? by Radprofile (Deviant Art 2015)

I instantly liked janey once she showed up in the game by purpleeyebags (Tumblr 2015)

Nisha BJ by LowRider (Tumblr 2014)

Nisha B:TPS by LowRider (Tumblr 2014)

Nisha, The Lawbringer by Radprofile (Deviant Art 2014)

oh myyy nish by Dauverny (Tumblr 2017)

Shoot the Sheriff (with Your Load) by SavalKas (Hentai Foundry 2015)

Still Shooting Semen at the Sheriff by SavalKas (Hentai Foundry 2017)

thought id add a quick edit for those into animal dicks by purpleeyebags (Tumblr 2015)

Time to play dirty! By Radprofile (Deviant Art 2015)