But, I thought there was *boobs*!

Ah, so naive. With a patch, we can reveal a game’s *true* nature.

But why wombat? Why aren’t patches pre-installed? Can’t you Google it or somethin’? Half the ‘net’s questions can be solved with some sleuthing.  But hey, let’s talk magic. A lot of games have adult potential, which remains locked behind a magic seal. But have no fear! Because no seal is impervious, and some developers provide the spells we need (to see the goods). Here, I will list every patch (I know) for every title (I have reviewed). If I missed a patch, you should. . . let me know. It’s for the good of mankind.

I may be a wombat, but I kinda need you humans to take care of me (as much as I hate to say it).

Available Patches