Tear and the Library of Labyrinths

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Twin sisters Tear and Lumiere Beatrix run a clinic in the secluded village of Armeria. Together, they take of the villager’s every (non-sexual) need. One morning, they hear a strange rattling from their basement. Inside, the Forbidden Tome erupts with a powerful, lusty magic aura. Irene, a powerful succubus emerges from the book. She humbles the twin sisters by brutally raping them and taking their virginities. After reducing them to mindless cum dumpsters, Irene places a Lust Crest onto Tear. When she wakes, Irene explains that it protects her from her own Lust Miasma, which is well known to corrupt those exposed. However, there’s a catch — the Lust Crest must be recharged with a man’s cum on a regular basis.

. . . which is a great segway into Irene’s “game”!

Irene decides that she wants to continue raping Lumi, but she offers Tear a chance to get her back (without her laying anymore fingers on her!) Inside the Forbidden Tome, Lumiere is “confined”. Tear is tasked with finding her, but Irene has a condition which must be met: Tear must make a man cum everyday, or else Irene will rape her sister (and make her watch.) Holy fuck, Irene. . . Ice cold! Irene goes her separate way, leaving Tear to own volition. The Forbidden Tome takes her to the Library, an actual library filled with like-Tomes, gateways to new worlds. With Irene released from the Forbidden Tome, Tear’s home-world will be slowly consumed by her Miasma, which will cause everyone to gradually lose themselves to insatiable hedonism.

Wait a second, and Irene’s supposed to be the villain!?

Inside the Library, Tear crosses a fox girl named Korin. Apparently she was trapped inside after touching her world’s equivalent to the Forbidden Tome. They locate the same book which trapped her, and using her Tome they are transported to her hometown, Hemerocallis. She takes Tear to her room in the Cat’s Paw, and introduces her to her best friend (and shopkeeper) Chiro. After Tear explains her situation to Korin, she decides that they should ask the town mayor, Lord Rideo about Lumi. Korin figures that if Lumiere is as pretty as Tear, Rideo would surely know about her whereabouts. With haste Tear and Korin head directly to Lord Rideo’s mansion!

He claims to have no knowledge of Lumi’s whereabouts, sending Tear and Korin home with his wandering eyes.

It’s revealed that Lumi is being held prisoner within Rideo’s mansion, and he has been tasked by Irene to insure that Tear has sex. However, if she fails to have sex then Irene grants him permission to “train” (or rape) her sister. In other words, it’s win-win for Rideo! Korin reveals to Tear that she snatched a random Tome from the Library — it takes them to Insect Paradise, a gloomy forest ridden with rapey-insects. Inside, they find a ring which reacts with the forest’s Miasma and Tear’s touch. It transforms into a ribbed dildo, and Korin decides that they should try it out at Tear’s Clinic. They learn that Tear is able to cleanse Miasma from corrupted objects via sexual favors. Korin figures that if Tear is able to cleanse inanimate objects, then she could probably cleanse people too!

Cue a “knock knock” and little boy (who I’m sure is definitely eighteen!)

Complaining about his hurty “pee-pee”, Tear gets right to business (and she sucks the corruption right out of him!) Tear and Korin return to the Insect Paradise and come face-to-face with Ariage, an immense spider. After defeating him, they locate another Tome in his nest (and bail out before he gets back up!) This Tome takes them to the Chest and Nut Forest, where they locate another Tome (amidst an army of rapey-goblins.) Next stop is Wolf Mountain, home to Volk the wolf. He warns Tear to stay away from his pack, and Tear doesn’t back down. She and Korin face-off Volk, kick his ass, and steal two new Tomes from his den. One of them leads to the Cactus Den — which plays no significant part in the story.

However, the next leads to Slave City Marigold — which only half filler!

Tear and Korin are confronted an orc, who mistakes them as gladiators for their arena. They decide to roll with it, and they enter the Marigold arena to watch a match. They are shocked and appalled by what they see — a young woman is defeated by an orc warrior, and she is raped for all to see. Korin convinces Tear not to intervene, considering how grossly outnumbered they are by orc warriors. As they return home to devise a plan, they encounter a distressed old man. He has lost his grandson, and they offer to help before going home. As Tear and Korin search for him, Irene makes an appearance. She finds the boy before they do, and fucks his brains out until they finally arrive.

And once again, Irene is supposed to be the villain?

After a skirmish with Irene, they are found by a pair of Orcs. Irene teleports to safety, leaving Tear paralyzed with one of her spells. She is taken prisoner, though Korin managed to avoid capture. As she weaves through the orc prison, Irene is gang-raped by the prison staff. When Korin finds her, she refuses to leave until her possessions are returned. As Korin locates Tear’s clothes, she acquires another Tome. She rejoins with Tear, and uses her magic to teleport them back to safety. Before continuing Tear’s quest to save Lumi, they decide to return to Marigold and free the human prisoners. They go back, kill the orc chieftain, and free the slaves — AKA, more filler for the main storyline.

Using the aforementioned Tome, they explore a beach (which also with no significance to the story.)

When they return to Korin’s home, they are met by Mayor Rideo. He is shaking down the Cat’s Paw for an enormous tax collection, and Chiro has no means to pay for it. Tear offers to foot the bill, and on his way out Rideo conveniently drops another Tome. In addition to paying for the Cat’s Paw, Tear buys the Tome off of Rideo. This Tome takes them to Slimey Cave, where they battle a massive tentacle monster. They claim another Tome and return to Korin’s home. Tear ponders how and why Rideo had obtained a Tome, and questions the authenticity of him accidently dropping the previous book. As Tear wracks her mind over Irene’s grand scheme, Chiro barges in and offers them a stay at the local hot spring.

Korin and Tear share a wholesome moment, and then it’s back to the Cat’s Paw.

For reasons not explained, Chiro finds out where Lumiere is being held. He tells them that Rideo has her prisoner beneath his mansion, and they confront him. Tear swings at him, only to find out that she attacked an illusion. Rideo reveals that he is a powerful illusionist, and taunts them From within his dungeon. Tear and Korin penetrate the bowels of Rideo’s mansion, nearly falling prey to Rideo’s hidden traps. He places a “brainwash” spell on Lumiere, and he makes her fool Tear into placing herself inside a rune that would paralyze her. In the nick of time, Lumi breaks his spell and throws herself onto the rune, allowing Tear to remain unhindered for the ensuing battle.

With Rideo’s defeat, Irene shows herself and fucks him nearly dead.

She spends the next few minutes spouting exposition; she plans on ruling each and every world the Library has to offer (because she’s evil I guess). She explains that each Tome holds a piece of the universe, and that by rewriting the words it’s possible to do anything you want. However, doing so requires an enormous amount of mana, and that’s why Irene has been corrupting each world with her Miasma. As the worlds are drowned in lust, she is able to harvest the mana she needs to rewrite history. True to her word, she allows Tear to have her sister back, but in exchange she steals Korin from her. Like her previous “game”, Irene will give her back if she can find her first.

. . . which doesn’t take long because she finds her the next day.

Using her newfound mana, Irene rewrites Korin to be self-centered megalomaniac (probably in her own image!) Tear and Lumi hear rustling in their basement, and together they enter the Library. Once again Tear finds Korin inside, but this time they fight. After defeating Korin, Tear is pounced upon and raped for hours on end. Helpless to Korin’s newfound power, she clings to the faint hope that she’ll snap out of it, and stop raping her. Tear’s plan eventually works, and she gets her old friend back. Like the boy she “treated” in her village, Tear was able to undo Irene’s magic as Korin violated her. Irene shows herself once again, and she announces one last “game” for them to play.

If Tear and friends want to play, they’ll have to follow her!

Irene leaves behind a Tome that leads to very own Ruined World, and the gang follows suit. Irene offers to do anything Tear wants, provided she defeat her in combat. Otherwise, Tear and her friends will serve as Irene’s forever-sex-slaves when she rules the universe. . . which doesn’t actually sound that bad. Tear and friends fight their way through Irene’s minions, until they reach the tippy-top the Ruined World. They find Irene staring out into the desolate landscape that is her home-world. Before the final battle, Irene spends more time spouting exposition. Her world represents the aftermath of the War of Angels and Demons. Long ago, demons and humans fought (for reasons), and angels joined the fray.

. . . and this “war” was never spoken of anywhere until just now.

Anyways, the angels and humans were ultimately defeated by the demons, due their lust-inducing Miasma. Only the demons were immune to its effects, and it obliterated the angelic army. However, before the demons could actually win the war, the leader of the angels, God, split the universe into and placed its fragments inside the Tomes. He had hoped that doing so would buy him time to discover a means to counter the Miasma — and so he did, with a human that was immune to its effects, and capable of curing others. Tear and Lumi are descendants of this human, and they are the only ones able to stop Irene and her evil plan to thwart God.

Wait, why didn’t Irene just kill Tear and Lumi when she had the chance?!

Irene’s grave mistake bites her back in the ass when Tear and friends kick her ass not once, but twice (when reveals her final form!) At the mercy of Tear, she agrees to do as she says. She offers to withdraw all of her miasma, returning the worlds to their. . . default state of lustiness. However, Tear adamantly declines — she has no intention to stop fucking everything that moves. At this point, I had insured that Tear, Lumi and Korin had sucked and fucked as many men and monsters I possibly could — so instead, Irene gets away scot-free after promising “not to be evil” (and you know, rewriting history and enslaving the twins), and they part ways. Tear and Lumi return to their clinic, their world practically unchanged.

They live happily ever after “treating” every villager all day, every day, ’til the rest of time!

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