Hentai Girl Seek

Hentai Girl Seek is game of “strip tag” with a collection of adult “films”.


(Adult) Content?
(FxM) Sexual Content.

Mosaic’d genetalia.

Hours of Gameplay?
Five or

ten minutes.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
Download as DLC.


Play “tag” for and don’t get caught for thirty seconds — if you can out-cheat the AI, you’ll get to see a lady in lingerie. Technically, you can beat the base game and everything it has to offer in under a minute. If you install the adult-patch, you can watch a handful of low-quality, 2D sex-scenes.


There isn’t a story (but I’ll make one up.) A man and his lady friend are out on a house date. She’s bored, so she decides that it’s time to play tag! He asks what he wins if she doesn’t tag him, and she says anything. So logically, he tells her to strip if he wins! She is happy to comply, and the game begins here — I failed and failed again, because she ran too-darn fast! And then the game bugged-out, and we both were frozen in place. Thirty-seconds later, I won (and she stripped)!


The titlescreen is a bit of a mess, but it’s somewhat serviceable. From “Options”, you can adjust audio and gameplay preferences. To fullscreen the application, hit the “F4” key. The in-game sprites are mostly, if not all RPGMaker defaults.

The Goods

The adult-content consists of well-drawn, stereotypical anime artwork. The base game only features lingerie, bu the DLC includes some adult “films”. These “films” are poorly made, and the audio is full of foreign noise. They play out as animated 2D images with voice-overs, with a dismembered wiener making not very healthy sounds.


I don’t recommend this game at all! If the time spent creating the Adult Movies Patch was instead put into the base game, maybe there’d be more than five minutes of content. Unfortunately, what we got was a thirty-second game of tag and some (poorly) animated films. The amount of content in this game is absolutely unacceptable (even at the dollar price point.) Go play a real game of tag, and give your friend that dollar before you waste it.