Perfect Affection Plan: Cassiopeia (2.5/5★)

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Perfect Affection Plan: Cassiopeia is a lewd clicker game about Kaede, “an adult woman who roleplays as a schoolgirl and then consensually engage in oral, vaginal, and anal intercourse.”

Adult Content?
(FxM) sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
Forty-five minutes.

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.

Gameplay: overview (2/5★)

You may choose between “Normal” and “SD” mode; Normal mode offers a sort of “first-person” view; and SD mode offers a sort of of side-scroller view. In Normal Mode, you may strip the lady and choose between kissing and licking erogenous zones. Alternatively, you may choose a sexual position, one of two (or more) variations of that pose. Whenever she orgasms, you’ll unlock a new position — up to three. There are three levels to choose from in “normal mode”, but two of them seem to be nearly identical, barring aesthetics. SD mode doesn’t have any sort of progression, instead allowing you to choose between any animation you like.

Sexual Content: overview (4/5★)

Genesis Arthangel claims there are “150+ total of UNCENSORED H-animated scenes” at “1280×720 resolution with 60fps.” In “Normal Mode”, there are four major poses; “back”, “blowjob”, “cow girl”, and “missionary”. The available positions defer between “scenes” (or what are affectively backdrops paired with outfits). The artwork is high-quality, but the backgrounds look a little bland. I found the animations to be a little stiff, but they’re otherwise serviceable. Each pose comes with up to seven variations, and they can be sped-up or slowed down. Each time Kaede (the female protagonist) orgasms, her “H-level” will increase, unlocking new poses (or anal!) Your wiener has no detail; it appears to have been censored at one point, and possibly de-censored for Steam. Unfortunately, it lacks so much detail it might as well remain censored (if it was). In “SD Mode”, you may choose from a wide selection of animations and clothing options. Here, the artwork takes on a new, side-scroller-eske perspective. I was under the impression it’s somehow interactive (beyond toggling content), but I was wrong. It’s possible to zoom into the action, but the artwork goes blurry fast.

Story: overview (1/5★)

Genesis Arthangel writes,

Kaede Uzuki, Everyone loves her… But since she has entered into adulthood and moved away from home, her life has become complex… She has become irritated with everyone… Her cheerful personality has faded… Her eye gaze becomes cold… Her friends start to make a distance with her… Her loneliness is unbearable…

You’re a college student who just moved from the next city… every night… You always find her above the bridge staring at the sky emotionless… You’re starting to feel interested in her… At first, she doesn’t have any interest in you… But you’re fighting so hard to get attention from her… –

Time just flies… You’ve become a lovey-dovey lover… She’s was thirsty for affection… What are you planning to do to fulfill her thirstiness?

None of this explained in-game, however. They also write,

This is an instant date version. that means there’s no story in the gameplay itself. it focused on simulation.
The story version of this game is under development.

I wish real life was “instant date”.

Sound: overview (2/5★)

The menu music sounds like elevator music — I didn’t enjoy it. Maybe it’s the game’s way of saying “hurry up”? The music that is played in-game is considerably stronger. It’s a relaxing tune, like something that’d play while visiting a city in a fantasy RPG. Both tracks poorly loop; there is a clear pause whenever they end. The heroine, Kaede offers a handful of (repetitive) sexy sounds, such as heavy breathing and cutesy cries. However, the sexy sounds themselves (like squishing and smacking) leave something to be desired.

Visuals: overview (4/5★)

The titlescreen is nicely arranged. I found the user-interface and animations to be pleasant. From “Settings”, you may adjust audio and display preferences. Considering the entire game is a collection of sexual content, there is no need for a “gallery”. However, the user-interface can’t be totally hidden — only mostly hidden. For the most part, I enjoyed the aesthetic of the game. However, I thought the colors and artwork were a little flat. Barring “SD Mode”, the game looked like a collection of decals or paper cut-outs.

Verdict: why no save system (2.5/5★)

For how rough the game is, fifteen dollars seems a little steep. The artwork and animation are pretty, but the “gameplay” is sincerely lacking. I found the “progression” to be annoying; it’s dumb to be forced to view animations in order to “level up”. It wouldn’t be so bad if your ‘level” was preserved between entering and exiting the game, but they’re not. I ended up minimizing the application whenever I wanted to revisit a position — it was better to let the game auto-level than force myself to watch the same animation again. I appreciate the lack of censorship, but the male genitalia looks pathetic. If you’re looking for an “instant date” experience, Perfect Affection Plan: Cassiopeia may be a worthwhile (as long as you wait for sale). Otherwise, I’d wait for “the story version of this game”.

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