Save The Girl

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Save The Girl is a puzzle game that happens to have lewds.


(Adult) Content?
(F) Nudity.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
Download as DLC.


Guide the hero to the jewels and/or lady while avoid monsters and hot lava! The idea is to guide the hero from point “A” to “B”, even if it takes moving point “B” to “A”. You can use obstacles to your advantage, such as unleashing lava to smite your foes or create a rocky bridge to the hero’s lover. It’s just like those bad mobile Ads you may be familiar with, but every ten levels you finish you unlock another a lewd! There are forty puzzles to solve, with varying. . . quality. To be frank, Save The Girl has the easiest, and worst “puzzles” I’ve solved to date.

By golly, the puzzles! They’re awful!

Very few of the puzzles actually require human thought — there were so many puzzles that were solvable by a one or two clicks. The funny thing is, there was a point that I got stumped for a few minutes. . . until I realized that I was thinking too hard and that the whole puzzle was one great big red herring. It really was as simple as walking the hero directly to the finish line!


There is no story (and I’m not making one up.)


The titlescreen is. . . uneventful, and the user-interface is strangely arranged. Though the user-interface is attractive, the strange placement and proportion of buttons is offputting. You can mute the game from the titlescreen, or finely tune audio levels from the “Options” menu (accessed from the gearbox icon.) You can review unlocked CGs by clicking on the book icon from the titlescreen. As the artwork rendered in a 16:9 ratio, it cannot be fullscreened, and the user-interface cannot be hidden.

The Goods

There’s eight animated CGs to unlock. You can undress the subject in each one, revealing their goodies! The artwork is stylized in such a way that some people may dislike the CGs, even if they enjoy lewd anime artwork — it strikes me as amateur. Regardless, I enjoyed the animations, though they are hardly lewd. . . there’s not even drippy-drippies!


Wait for a solid sale. Save The Girl utterly fails as a puzzle game, and the CGs it has to offer are below-average. For the same price of this game, you could grab a title from the Seek Girl series and get way-better gameplay, with more (and sexually-charged) CGs. I was excited to play Save The Girl, because I enjoy the kind of puzzle game it represents; however, the puzzles themselves have so little thought put into them that I question if any human hands had anything to do with them.

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