Sisterly Lust

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Sisterly Lust is a visual novel about a man’s intimate trouble with his mother, sisters, and the friends of his sisters.


(Adult) Content?
(F, FxF, FxM) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
Five or six hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


I had a lot of fun the first time I played this game (though I’ll admit I sort of rushed through it, for review purposes.) I would love to replay this game from start to finish and document my playthrough.


Click through text boxes and manage your time and sisterly relationships. The idea is maintain the trust of protagonist’s family. If he gets too. . . out of control, he’ll be booted from his household and it’ll be game-over. Each of his siblings have a sort of stat screen (accessible anytime from the top-right screen), which describes their relationship (and pregnancy) status. There are many affairs and mysteries to uncover (and intervene into), so each playthrough will be probably differ than the last.


Before the game starts, you must select a name for the protagonist. I opted for the default “Max”. Through out the game, you will get to name the other characters. If you want to fantasize about real life people, well now’s the time.

Following the death of his father, Max is forced to move in with his mother Susan and his three sisters. His mother is a sweet lady, but has a vile side which she rears to her customers. Rachel is Max’s yongest sibling, and she’s the most amiable of the bunch. Bella is (to be frank) a nincompoop (better described ny a certain “b-word”). Liza is the oldest, and she and Bella are hard working women.

Everyone but Bella is happy to see Max back at home. Bella is furious, but kept in line by her mother. Max befriends his sisters’ friends, notably a man named James. He’s a raging pervert, and so is his sister. Susan appears to have some. . . suspicious connections, and Bella is more than meets the eye. Liz struggles with a soon to be marriage, and Rachel is. . . well pretty chill. She’s my kind of gal.

The main antagonists are Steel and Woodman, representatives of the Taskforce for the Promotion of Moral Uplift and Wholesome Decency or “TPMUWD”. They are a major party in the States, combatants of the “moral decay” of society. While they don’t make many appearances in the story, they do play an overarching role in the universe.

They’re the reason why incest is frowned upon. Feckin’ prudes, am I right?

The game can end in multiple ways, depending on your decisions. In my first playthrough, I found my way to Bella’s heart, and we popped out babies left and right. Once the game ends, an epilogue will play that details what happens to every character (as a result of your life decisions.)


The titlescreen definitely sets the tone as an adult-game. From the “Preferences” menu, you can adjust display and language settings. The “Extra Scenes” holds a collection of lewd, additional content that isn’t otherwise in the main game. Interestingly (and unfortunately), there is no gallery to view what is in the main game.

Now let’s get into the graphics!

The in-game visuals are rendered using 3D models, much like those used in software such as Daz Studio or Poser. I personally enjoy 3D rendered art, but it’s not up everyone’s ally. Most of the content is static, though there are a few one or two frame animations. Many of the images appear grainy, which could have been resolved with more time during the rendering process. I suspect that given the content and time constraints, the images probably weren’t one-hundred percent finished before they were uploaded to the game.

The Goods

The characters look great! Although, sometimes their facial expressions look a bit off. I did see a few errors in renders here and there, but they were few and far between. The renders were mostly high quality, and there are lots and lots of juicy moments to behold. Once the ball is rolling, you’ll be seeing saucy content every few minutes. Expect female and male sexual intercourse, focused on incestuous and voyeuristic content.


I definitely recommend this game! This game was a pleasant surprise. It’s got tons of pretty pictures to look at, and more prompts than I could count. This game is definitely worth a grab, if you’re a fan of computer generated characters.

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