Strip Black Jack – Cyber Sex (2/5★)

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Strip Black Jack – Cyber Sex is a lewd Blackjack game with a sci-fi theme.

Adult Content?
(F, FxF, FxM) sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
One hour.

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


I received a free copy of this game for review purposes — thanks CritoGames!

Gameplay: published August 18th, 2021 (3/5★)

I’ll only cover the basics of BlackJack; you don’t need to learn advanced rules to progress. After placing a bet, both players draw two cards. You may either choose to “hold” or “hit”; if you’d like to draw a card, you “hit”; if you want to reveal your hand, you want to “hold”. After both players choose to “hold”, they compare their cards — whoever has the highest value hand wins. If the value of your cards ever exceeds twenty-one, you’ll “bust” (or in other words, automatically lose the round). There’s a lot more to BlackJack, but that’s all you need to know to play this game. There’s are detailed instructions that can be accessed in-game via the “settings” menu.

Sexual Content: published August 18th, 2021 (2/5★)

There are two animations and a wide variety of static CGs. You may purchase small collections of CGs to view on the side as you play rounds of Blackjack — there are few full-art images. They cost quite a bit of money, so you’ll need to play with massive bets to get anywhere. Most of these CGs don’t offer sexual content (rather, assorted poses). While the 3D models are okay, the sexual content leaves a lot to be desired. The animations are short, mediocre loops with terrible audio. By providing “tips” to the dealer character (or “Zirih”), you may purchase additional CGs (featuring more provocative posing!) I’d like to see CritoGames continue to roll with the “tip” mechanic. In previous entries of the series, the dealer is generally ignored (in terms of unlockable CGs).

Story: published August 18th, 2021 (1/5★)

There is no story — the main protagonist have names and occupations, but they play no part in the game. There’s a few extra, cybernetic characters too, but they’re just as unimportant as “Zirih” and “Leah”.

Sound: published August 18th, 2021 (1/5★)

Past the intro-screen, the game is silent; there is no music (well, until you unlock video lewds) I hated the sound effects and voice acting. If you don’t take care to click only when necessary, the audio will continually stack. The lines are seldom appropriate; there’s no reason for the narration to moan “sla-a-p it again” when you’re only cycling though photos. The videos offered more appropiate audio, but audio is jarring as it loops. I had to mute the application — the incessant acting was causing me to feel violent.

Visuals: published August 18th, 2021 (3/5★)

The titlescreen offers a solid background and flashy visuals, but CritoGames‘s “More Games” self-insert is dumb as ever. The user-interface is the same as every other “Strip Black Jack” game. It looks decent, but it still clutters unlockable content. The application can be borderless-fullscreened in-game, and audio can be muted via the “options” menu. CGs are displayed next to gameplay, and most of them lack backdrops. Without a dedicated gallery, they are cluttered by the user-interface.

Verdict: published August 18th, 2021 (2/5★)

Unless you particularly enjoy Blackjack, I can’t recommend this game. The artwork isn’t great, and the gameplay is monotonous. CritoGames has done little to improve core gameplay or lewd content. You’re encouraged to bet “all or nothing” to unlock content, but RNG determines how many times you’ll have to “bust” until the next unlock. Whenever you run out of money, you must spin a wheel to receive a random amount of money. Unfortunately, the results are generally next to worthless. If you enter the “options” screen while a bet is place, you lose your bet. I’m personally pissed at CritoGames for this reason — I lost tens of thousands of dollars from this bug. The thing is, I don’t particularly enjoy CritoGames‘s “Blackjack” games (and this game is no exception). Once I reached the last few unlocks, I stopped paying attention; the game devolves into spamming the wheel and debating whether or not it’s rigged. You have to keep losing until you get a good spin — then watch your money disappear from yet another bad draw. It ain’t worth it.

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