Taboos: Cracks Review (2.5/5★)

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Introduction

Taboos: Cracks is a lewd “Sokoban” puzzle game available on Steam. To experience the complete game with adult content, the Taboos: Cracks – Patch must be installed. This article will strictly discuss the patched version of the game.

It took me less than thirty minutes to complete this game.

Chapter Two: Gameplay (2/5★)

Section One: Overview

The goal of the game is to reveal all matching cards by turning them face-up two at a time.

Section Two: Balance

With only ten cards per level, the difficulty of this game is trivial.

Chapter Three: Sexual Content (3/5★)

Section One: Content

There are twelve unlockable animations with three variations each; one clothed, one nude, and one cum-covered. Most animations just show a naked lady, but a few show BDSM and sexual intercourse.

Section Two: Implementation

Matching card pairs unlocks animations.

As cards are matched, the clothes shown are removed from the background image. I’ve played a lot of adult memory games and I’ve never seen a system like this — big ups for DSGame!

Now if only the background wasn’t literally covered by cards. . .

Section Three: Interactivity

The animations are not interactive.

Section Four: Quality

The artwork is good, but the animations not so much. Movement is either limited or robotic, and I could regularly spot hard edges or minor clipping. I wish there was less suggestive nudity and more sexual content in the game — especially with that totally not D.VA girl!

Chapter Four: Story (1/5★)

Section One: Plot

DSGame writes, “It is said that girls prefer men with good memory so that you can not forget to buy gifts for her at various festivals.”

Is that so? I bet I could pick up mad girls if I showed them the games I’ve played!

Chapter Five: Sound (2/5★)

Section One: Soundtrack

The music sounds awfully canned, but if there’s a track you don’t like you can feel pretty good knowing each level has another beat to maintain variety.

Section Two: Sound Effects

I enjoyed the bubbly playback when manipulating the UI and turning over cards. . . but I think there’s literally only one sound effect in the game (outside of sex-scenes).

Sex-scenes sound nice and lewd with sloppy, slippery special effects.

Section Two: Voice Acting

I got really annoyed with the voice acting in this game — in fact, I muted it soon after I started playing. While playing levels, the girls never shut-up! Ongoing voice acting kind of worked for the DSGame‘s Seek Girl games because they include dialogue to prevent monotony. By the time you unlock sex-scenes in this game, the moaning and panting has already played too many times.

Chapter Six: Visuals (3/5★)

Section One: User-interface

The user-interface is appealing and functional. I don’t “get” the fantasy aesthetic, but I have to give DSGame credit for providing a serviceable interface. There’s a reason why they continue to reuse this template for later games.

Section Two: Graphics

I have the same sentiments towards the cards as I do the user-interface; they’re nice and magical, but I don’t understand why DSGame opted for fantasy textures. The unlockable sexual content appears to take place in a modern setting.

Chapter Seven: Verdict (2.5/5★)

With gameplay so laughably easy, clearly Taboos: Cracks wasn’t made for memory game enthusiasts — which leaves the gallery as the only possible selling point. Unfortunately, the sexual content does not save this game. With rough animation and few sex-scenes to offer, Taboos: Cracks is simply too mediocre to be worth anybody’s time.

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