Waifu Collector

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Waifu Collector is a lewd collector/visual novel game about acquiring “blessings” from Goddesses which are added directly to your Steam inventory.


(Adult) Content?
(FxM) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
Two or three hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


Chat with “goddesses” to obtain “blessings” which are added to your Steam inventory, and viewable in-game. As you advance your relationship with the goddesses, they will grant access to better and better blessings, and more powerful deities (with even better blessings!) Blessings contain a single (possibly lewd) CG, with a little bit of background. Many Blessings are part of two or more “dates”, each blessing representing another sequence of events. Take care not to piss off the goddesses, or their blessings may waiver!


The main protagonist is you, and you’re a millionaire bachelor! Recently, you acquired some “VR Software” from a “shady contact” (from from me, I’m a shady wombat!) You don your VR headset, and you’re greeted by your guide, Min. She gives you a tour of the world(s), and a run-down on how the game works and the “goddesses”. Please the goddesses, and you will earn their “blessings” in the form of metadimensional dates.

If anyone asks me why I’m still single, I’ll just tell them my relationship is metadimensional!


The titlescreen looks okay, but the user-interface is visually basic. There are no user-preferences to adjust, which is kinda BS in this day and age. The “About Waifu Collector” button will take you to an unskippable string of credits, and not (what I thought was going to be) lore or information regarding development or the developers. You view the fruits of your labor from “Manage Collection” in-game. The user-interface is hidden when viewing CGs after the text has been clicked-through.

The Goods

There are quite a bit of static scenes to unlock, each including a few lines of exposition a single static CG. Otherwise referred to as “Blessings”, they are separated by “Tiers”, denoting rarity; there are twenty-six “common” Blessings; fourty-one “uncommon; fifty-five “rare”; fifty “super-rare”; fourty-four “super super rare”; and there are seventeen “special” Blessings to unlock. It’s possible to unlock Blessings with lewd content, but they are few and far between (and generally reserved for rarer tiers). The sexual content isn’t remarkable, and the poor character development doesn’t owe to emotional attachment. I think a lot of people will be put-off by the models themselves — I found the oversized shaped breasts to be a major turn-off.


I don’t think I can recommend this game. I’ll admit, having a hentai game interface with your Steam Inventory is novel, but the concept wasn’t very well executed. The idea is that you’re supposed to log into the Waifu Collector everyday to enjoy (hopefully) new dialogue and (provided you say the right thing) a new Blessing or two. The game is monotonous, and the unlockable content isn’t very saucy. Waifu Collector tries to be an online-service, but fails to provide incentives to keep players entertained. One thing that I will say, props to the number of unlockable content. When your game only has a few minutes of content every day, your creative department has truly dropped the ball. If you want a game like Waifu Collector, I suggest having a look at Lewd & Nude | Anime Collector.

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