Ashlyn Vallana

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Age: Twenty-six

Ethnicity: To be determined

Eye Color: Purple

Gender: Female

Height: 6ft 1in

Occupation: Store Co-owner

Orientation: Bisexual

Residence: Wilhelm

Species: Elvish

Weight: 165 Pounds

About Ashlyn Vallana

Co-owner of No Balls Luxury Goods, Ashlyn is an ex-soldier bent on sex. She and her sister Zeki serve Wilhelm with high-end goods, typically sexual aids and glassware — Ashlyn is always happy to “demonstrate” their products. She’s more of a “people person” than Zeki, and her sex drive is well known (and well welcomed) in the community. She has no interested in monogamy (let alone marriage). When push comes to shove, Ashlyn can hold her own. . . as long as her opponents aren’t using magic. Sometimes, Ashlyn’s hot-headedness can get her into big trouble (and it’s up to Zeki to bail her out!) With Zeki’s magic prowess (and level-headed personality), the Vallanas are a fighting (or sales) force to be reckoned with!

No Balls Luxury Goods

Specializing in luxury goods, No Balls is Ashlyn and Zeki’s store situated in Wilhelm’s noble district. They specialize in adult toys and tapestries, but they also sell a wide variety of apparel, glasswork and ornate weapons. Whenever Zeki isn’t looking (or rather, whenever Ashlyn think’s her sister isn’t looking), No Balls doubles as a brothel.

Sexual Information

Dom or subby: Top or Bottom?

Beyond a shadow of a doubt. . . top. Ashlyn doesn’t even care what you are (or even what you say for that matter). If she’s horny her futa dick is going in (one way or another!) The only person she “asks” for sex is her sister, Zeki.


Zeki Vallana — Sister

Ashlyn and Zeki aren’t as close as they used to be. Since Zeki’s desire for a “significant other”, she has tried to ween herself from her Ashlyn’s futa dick.

Eedilyn — Crush

Ashlyn’s interest in Eedilyn is rather unexpected — during her military service, Ashlyn had numerous run-ins with this rebellious teenager. If it were up to her superiors, Eedilyn would have been executed (that is, if they could catch her). Ashlyn was more interested in her ass than her head — as long as Eedilyn gave head, Ashlyn promised not to alert the other guards! Since opening her No Balls store, Ashlyn’s run-ins with Eedilyn have been significantly reduced. Eedilyn has no place in Wilhelm’s noble district; as a matter of a fact, there’s a small bounty on her head! Despite the dangers involved, Eedilyn pays Ashlyn the occasional visit. Despite Zeki’s disapproval, Ashlyn practically gives away stock to her beloved Eedilyn.


  • Ashlyn was first introduced to the world on February 7th, 2021.
  • Ashlyn is considered non-canon.

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