Hannah Tann

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Age: Eighteen

Ethnicity: Asian/American

Eye Color: Brown

Gender: Female

Height: 4ft 9in

Occupation: Student

Orientation: Lesbian

Residence: Beavertown

Species: Human

Weight: 88 Pounds

About Hannah Tann

If it says “off-limits”, you can bet Hannah ain’t listening! That, or she couldn’t be bothered to read the sign — when Hannah sees something that she wants, it’s as if the rest of the world goes dark. While her “tunnel vision” owes to strong work ethic, it’s more often exploited by her perverted peers and relatives. Hannah is super gullible; it doesn’t take much to convince her!

Hannah and School

Hannah considers school to be more a “hang out” than a place of learning. To her mother’s dismay, she is not interested in her grades or planning ahead for college. However, Amy’s harsh (and unusual) reprimands offer Hannah a strong incentive to pay attention. Entertained by Amy’s strange punishments, Hannah’s friends like to sabotage to her assignments. It’s not uncommon for Hannah’s homework and school supplies to go missing.

Sexual Information

Hannah does not have a high libido, but she masturbates once or twice a day. Whenever she says “I’m doing homework”, chances are she’s watching porn. Amy is well aware of her daughter’s habits — sometimes, she’ll even help her “study”! Hannah never solicits sex, but she isn’t willing to tell her mother “no” (and Amy isn’t one to take “no” for an answer!) Whenever Hannah and her friends are alone, they eagerly take advantage of her innocence and gullibility. They derive a sort of twisted pleasure watching humiliating Hannah. :ittle does she know, so does Amy — as far as she’s concerned, “pics or it didn’t happen!”

Dom or subby: Top or Bottom?

Considering Hannah is completely unwilling to initiate sex, she is most certainly bottom. Hannah lacks the confidence to willingly have sexual relations with her friends and family (but deep down inside, they fulfill her. . . like mother like daughter). She willingly submits to her mother’s every whim, but sex with her friends typically involves impromptu bondage or school-related blackmail.


Amy Tann — Mother

Hannah’s beloved “Mommy”, they share a deep-sated love for each other: if they weren’t related, they’d certainly be lovers. Amy has no respect for Hannah’s privacy (any privacy Hannah thinks she has is but a ploy). Amy’s vigilance and wandering fingers fingers make Hannah uneasy, but she has grown used to her mother’s helicopter parenting.

Chad Duns — Father

Hannah doesn’t know much about her father (and frankly, she doesn’t care). When Chad learned of Amy’s pregnancy, he decided to “grab a bear and some gummy worms” (and he never came back). Hannah grew up fatherless — she was raised solely by her mother.

Chloe — Highschool Friend

Sometimes, Hannah is overwhelmed by her friends and school. Whatever’s wrong, Chloe is ready to comfort Hannah!


  • Hannah was first introduced to the world on July 29th, 2020.


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