It’s one of those games where you just exchange two pieces on a board and re-assemble a jambled puzzle.

Jambled. that’s a word right?

DatWombat, review for H-Rescue.

Swippy-swappies are a form of puzzle game. They start with an image, which is divided into tiles. Those tiles are then scrambled. To solve the puzzle, the user must select and “swap” the positions of (any two) pieces to unscramble the image. The difficulty of these puzzles is decided by the number of tiles, timers, and special conditions. Some games display the edges of the completed image, which allows users to work their way to the center.

Synonymous with slider puzzles, swippy-swappies populate the adult-market by the droves. While one can technically solve any part of the puzzle as you please, it’s best to follow the same techniques you would with slider puzzles. Start from the top row, solve a side row, and rinse and repeat until the puzzle is solved. This technique almost mandatory for swippy-swappy puzzles that limit movement to adjacent tiles.