Ask a Wombat! 002

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ggar asks. . .
Hey! I was just curious, what is your favorite lewd game of all time?

DatWombat says. . .

I think I’ve answered that question before, and frankly, I’m not sure — my favorite lewd experience (though not necessarily “lewd game”) is the TES5: Skyrim. I know some of you might think I’m cheating here, but using mods (or “modifications”) you are able to change Skyrim to your liking. Mods can change nearly any aspect of a Skyrim game, the most common of which introducing graphical enhancements. There are countless mods which add sex to Skyrim, appealing to a wide range of fetishes. However, as much as I enjoy gratuitous nudity and boobtastic “armor”, it’s not the sex-mods that make me enjoy Skyrim to the extent I do. I adore playing creating and roleplaying as new characters, and playing “dress-up” with the help of mods that introduce gobs of new loot to Skyrim.

I actually designed a whole series of mods to add sexy loot to Skyrim!

When I discovered the world of modding, I spent hundreds of hours trying to craft the “perfect” Skyrim — unfortunately, I never realized that goal. . . but I hope some day, I’ll find the time to do so. The Skyrim I created included survival elements, such as the need to eat, pee and sleep while maintaining your gear. I installed lots of mods which added new outfits (and I made of my own to facilitate their distribution.) I made sure to include a boat-load of super depraved sex mods, like uh, ones with bestiality, rape and slavery. I liked the idea of collecting slaves as one might collect precious stones, so I even made a series of mods which increased the variety of NPCs the player could encounter.

Skyrim is just ridiculously fun, and it’s so customizable it still amazes me today.

On the topic of customizability, I think I’d enjoy rejoining the modding scene at some point. I’d love to continue my work on creating new NPCs and distributing sexy loot. I’m proud of my work, and I think I’d even go so far to recruit helping hands to lend me their expertise. A mod that I never finished was a texture-overhaul that was inspired by the graphics from the “Borderlands” series. On the other hand, I want to do what Lovers Lab won’t — create “loli” mods because well, I think the folk over at Lovers Lab are a bunch of prudes. Not everything on the Lab is everyone’s cup of tea, but if you click “download” and decide you’re offended by what you installed on your own volition and freewill, well. . .

You only have yourself to blame.

Rescue Elves

Rescue Elves is a lewd visual novel about a lonely man’s venture inside a video game. 

Evening Starter (3.5/5★)

Evening Starter is a lewd turn-based RPG about a top-secret agent that must defend the world from demon-gods to repay her insurmountable debt.

ANDOR Ladies (3/5★)

ANDOR Ladies is a lewd memory game with assorted, fantasy-themed “girls from different worlds.”

Salubrious Scales

Salubrious Scales is a lewd platformer about collecting keys and doin’ furries n’ scalies.