Ask a Wombat! 012

Table of Contents

Andrew asks. . .

I hate being a downer, however, I’d like to ask a more serious question. Considering that this year and last year have been bad for a lot of people, I was wondering how have you been cooping with everything? What have you been doing to get through this difficult time?

DatWombat says. . .

Yeah, ‘cus of COVID right? Well, I guess you can say I’ve been “cooping” well. I didn’t get to collect unemployment like most of my coworkers, so I got to enjoy long, hard, understaffed hours. During my free time, I maintained the Wombat Trap. I made the Wombat Trap Curator in 2019, but I didn’t take reviews seriously until early 2020. During COVID, I aggressively honed my skills, improving upon my creative pursuits and earning a promotion. I guess I replaced one “difficult time” with another — overtime.

Lisa and the Grimoire (3/5★)

Lisa and the Grimoire is a lewd RPG about Lisa’s quest to undo a demon’s curse, acquire her treasures, and retire forever!

Bimirror World Mirage

Bimirror World Mirage is a lewd RPG about two sisters’ quest to return to their home world.

Hot and lovely

Hot and lovely is a lewd rock-paper-scissors game. You beat five girls five times (each) to unlock up-to twenty-five (animated) images of them.