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Elise’s Peepshow is a lewd visual novel about photographing an exhibitionist (and maybe something more!)


(Adult) Content?
(FxM) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
Forty-five minutes.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


I received a free, prerelease copy of this game from the developers. The product sold on Steam may differ from the copy I reviewed. Thanks uh, I can’t pronounce that nameスプリンクラー.


You may choose to boot into “VR Mode”; because I have no VR hardware, I will not be discussing “VR Mode”.

Cycle through poses and watch an exhibitionist do stuff naked (like sex!) Elise’s Peepshow is a walking simulator of sorts with a string of adult animations. The bulk of the game of is wandering the protagonist’s home, watching or photographing her when prompted. There are a few light visual novel portions, which will determine which adult-scenes are displayed. Though you play the role of a photographer, photos are optional — but they can be saved on your PC! Provided “Save Photos” is active, you can you may find you pictures here,

[Drive Letter]:\Steam\steamapps\common\Elise\elsieStandard_Data\StreamingAssets

Alternatively, photos taken in VR Mode may be found here,

[Drive Letter]:\Steam\steamapps\common\Elise\eliseVR_Data\StreamingAssets

The photos are stored as 1000 x 1000 pixel PNGs — unfortunately, they aren’t suitable for anything other than novelty. As the user-interface is generally hidden, screenshots are a sufficient means to capture fullscreen images that more. . . usable. Elise’s Peepshow would benefit from more opportunism to partake in voyeurism, or reactions. Though the protagonist enjoys showing off her body, it would have been interesting to sneak about her home. Perhaps, the player could take some sneaky photos as she dresses between photoshoots, or “unwinds” whenever she thinks the player isn’t looking — there are so many missed opportunities. I want a sneaky peepshow dammit!


Elise is an exhibitionist — and you’re her photographer! Sounds like a porn flick, doesn’t it? She wants you to photograph her nude. . . but that’s not all she wants from you!


The interface is attractive, but the menu is cluttered. From “scenes”, you can revisit (or skip) portions of the game. Audio, display and language preferences can be adjusted from “Settings”. “Bonus Photos” and “Bonus Videos” serve as galleries; the former is dedicated to still images, and the latter animation loops. Provided “Save Photos” has been selected from “Settings”, photographs that have been taken in-game can be viewed from “Photos”. You can pose and photograph the main protagonist from “Free Photography”, but there isn’t anyway to change the background.

I sure wish the protagonist had more than one expression!

The Goods

There’s quite a bit of “bonus content” — so much so, the base content is lacking in comparison! There are twenty “bonus” static images (though most of them are based on a handful of base-CGs). There’s fourteen “bonus” animations, which are wonderfully animated (for the most part). They remind me of those Blender/SFM animations you see on Pornhub. . . not that I watch those or anything. Interestingly, none of the “bonus” content features the main protagonist: rather, they showcase alternative, light-skinned women. There are a handful of adult animations to see in-game. They’re decent, and the protagonist is attractive. However, the player character lacks a head, and it’s jarring to see my cut-away neck every time I look down.

To my infinite disappointment, there’s no money shots!


Don’t overpay. Elise’s Peepshow features a lot of great animations, but the gameplay is weak and short-lived. As much as I enjoyed the “bonus content”, the core game would have been better served with additional content. There simply isn’t much to do. For a game focused on voyeurism, there’s maybe two instances where you can watch characters (without them knowing). I reckon a determined individual could clear the game in minutes! Elise’s Peepshow is an attractive game that plays like an interactive film. I loved the unique art style and character models — and the not-so-subtle porno-mags! I hope to see new development on the game, and new (much needed) content in the future.

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